pit iz hunger

Rowdi, NO! BAD DOG!

Well, you get what you pay for with the pit bull mixes from the pound, I guess. And by “what you pay for,” I mean MAXIMUM CUTENESS AT A DISCOUNT PRICE!

7 Responses to pit iz hunger

  1. i did this wrong, i’m so ashamed. “has” should have been spelled “haz”. “good” should be “gud”. i should have run them by harvey first.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Okay I gotta give it you sister, those made me laugh out loud. LOL fer reals!

    VERY. NICE. WORK. You are making me raise my game.

    Hmmmmm….time to get my loldogs hat on and bust out the Photoshop. You will see. You will see.

  3. Cute. Good dog.

  4. do you notice that in the second picture where she’s licking her lips, there’s a gun on the coffee table, and under the gun is Cesar Millan’s book? i LOVE that picture. like, “Rowdi, you do what Cesar says, or I’ll bust a cap in you!”

    Not that I would.

  5. Rowdi looks so cute in these photos.

    I’d like to let her meet our poodles, but since they’re all miniature poodles, I don’t think they’d live very long. They’re kinda like the pit bull version of chicken wings, tasty but still leave you hungry ’cause there just ain’t much meat on ‘em.

  6. Iz foony! Ve laff now? Yez, ve laff!

    (Yeah, that’s not as “gud” as yours but I’m new. If you could hear as well as read me, it would be better. Well done, Sarah!)

  7. bwahhhaaaa! ur ooglie dawgz is gowin doooooowwwn!