ahem: not for you to see!

In an email conversation with Dave in Texas…[edited so the capitalization is consistent throughout]

SARAHK: BTW, we recorded ourselves doing karaoke the other night. Don’t freak when you see how fat I am. But as soon as we get the right firewire, we’re posting it.
DAVE IN TEXAS: Don’t fret about your body dear. It’s temporary. Lucky for us we don’t have to wear this skin forever. And I look forward to seeing it.
SARAHK: My body? Frank will be mad. Haha, just kidding. I know what you meant.
DAVE IN TEXAS: I did word that badly didn’t I?

Yes. Oh, and about that karaoke. We have to get a different firewire cord that will feed into one of our laptops, because the desktop is out of commission (busted monitor), but we did record a lot of songs the other night and will post them on the interwebs soon. Some of them are pretty good, some of them are pretty bad, and some of them are pretty funny. A list of songs:

  • My Heart Will Go On (me)
  • A surprise that I won’t even tell you, it’s too good (Frank)
  • I Am the Walrus (Frank)
  • A Broken Wing (me) (not very good)
  • Alone (me) (not very good)
  • Ring of Fire (Frank)
  • Magic Carpet Ride (Frank)
  • Angel (me) (this was my best one)
  • Amish Paradish (Frank)
  • Before Your Love (me)
  • outtakes

We definitely need to pick up some new karaoke CDs so I can stop singing the same songs over and over. We need Carrie Underwood, new Kelly Clarkson, more Heart, more Martina, more showtunes, “Jackson” by Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash. We need good duets.

3 Responses to ahem: not for you to see!

  1. If you are looking for good duets, I’ve always pictured you and Frank singing, “Suddenly Seymour” from the musical Little Shop of Horrors.

    I think you two would be perfect!

  2. the Pieras actually brought that one over last time they came, and we did that one. i hadn’t even heard it in years, much less sang it, and Frank hadn’t heard it in years apparently either. it was pretty bad. but maybe with practice.

  3. Cyberguys.com has every kind of firewire cable you can imagine. You are looking for a 4P/4P cable. The part number would be 122 2460 for a 6-foot cable (the only size 4P/4P cable they carry.) They used to have a connector to make a 6P cable into a 4P cable, but I don’t see one any more.