notes on The Sorceror’s Stone

I finished it this morning (again, of course). Some stuff that caught my eye that I may or may not have discussed here before:

  • In Harry’s first class with Snape, Snape mentions a sleeping potion so strong that it’s called the Draught of Living Death. Do you think this is what Dumbledore drank? I do. And I think it means that R.A.B. (Regulus Black for sure, because of the silver locket at #12 Grimmauld Place) is for sure still alive. He drank the potion, Voldemort’s follower’s thought he was dead, and eventually he woke up and either went into hiding or went off looking for the other Horcruxes.
  • Man, the movie could have been better than it was. It left out a lot of stuff.
  • Ollivander: Definitely went to work for Voldemort.
  • Why do they always leave the cool Sorting Hat songs out of the movies? And the school song is funny.
  • The centaurs. Bane says to Firenze, “We are sworn not to set ourselves against the heavens. Have we not read what is to come in the movement of the planets?” after Firenze saves Harry in the Forbidden Forest. Later, Firenze says to Harry, “Good luck, Harry Potter. The planets have been read wrongly before, even by centaurs. I hope this is one of those times.” So apparently, Voldemort is supposed to kill Harry, according to the reading of the planets, but the centaurs have been wrong before. So… I’m now making my official prediction. Harry lives.
  • The movie totally jacks up the last chapter of book 1. I mean, the way Voldemort is even defeated!

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  1. Francesco Poli

    Of course Harry lives. It’s Snape who dies, because he was one of the good guys all along!

    Him or Ron, and it’s Harrmione time. Rowling said the Azkaban movie “predicted” something about future books, and pretty much the only difference is that Harry and Hermione hold hands and look at each other tenderly. Or maybe I’m just a pervert.

    (Mmhh, it’s about time I went back reading the books too. Just after I finish Twilight Watch…)

  2. Yes, Snape is a good guy, I’ve been saying it too. And yo. Rowling has been telling people over and over that Harry and Hermione will not end up together. Yo. It’s Harry and Ginny. Ron and Hermione. I’ll tell you what. I’ll read the book and watch the movie this week. And you are smoking crack if you think the only difference is them holding hands for a second. That movie was one of the worst adaptation butcheries ever EVER.

    And I think either Hagrid or Neville will be the other one. Maybe McGonagall, but I might not come out of my room for weeks if that happens.

  3. My own “official” prediction is Snape and Hagrid. Maybe Malfoy. But I think Harry lives too. If she kills off either Ron or Hermione before they get a happily ever after I will hurl the book at whatever is close and cry for a while. Profanity will be uttered, too.

    I should do this as a post…. Think I will.

  4. I did! The post is here.

  5. I think Malfoy will live and redeem himself. Otherwise Snape had to kill Dumbledore in vain. And yes, probably Hagrid. I’ll let you know after I’m done with POA.

  6. Of course Harry lives. Rowling is even making noise about more books now. You don’t kill off the franchise if you don’t have to. It just doesn’t make sense.

  7. I could be wrong, but wasn’t Rowling involved in making the movies? I’m pretty sure I remember reading that she was making sure elements that are important to the long term plot make it in intact.

    Havng said that, I try not to read a book too soon before seeing the movie version. I only did that with the Potter movies once, and that was with Chamber of Secrets. I liked that movie quite a bit less than my friends did. Maybe it legitimately was the worst movie, but re-reading the book before it didn’t help it either.

  8. Ok, I did a bit of searching. Looks like Rowling had input, but not final say.

  9. The movies were pale in comparison to the books, but that is simply what happens when you have enough written material for a 10 part mini-series and you try to cram it all into a sub-3 hour movie.

    I enjoy the movies as movies. They are good teasers to get people to read the books.

    Now, as for Book 7…

    Harry, Ron, and Hermione all live. My guess is that members of Ron’s family die. Probably Mrs. Weasley. She is the surrogate mother-figure for Harry. His surrogate father-figure, Sirius, is already dead because of Voldemort. Now mom2.0 must also go.

    Who will be the next dark arts instructor? Will it be a repeat of someone we know, like Lupin or Moody? Will it be a familiar face, like Tonks? Or will there be another surprise?

    Harry is NOT a horcrux.

    R.A.B. is NOT Regalus Black — there are simply too many clues supporting Black, and I think JKR is deliberately making it look too easy to throw us off and surprise us. My vote still goes for the girl Tom Riddle tortured at the cave.

    What of Dumbledore? Yes, he is dead. But how will his legacy live on? We have his portrait — it isn’t “him,” but it will be a darn fine “impression” of him. Also, we have all his stored memories and the pensieve. Surely, Harry will use the pensieve again and learn some secrets of Dumbledore no one else was ever meant to experience. And let us not forget the archway in the hall of mysteries, where Sirius passed through… Harry heard whispers there… I am guessing the archway is a portal to the after life, and even though it is one-way (for the body) there is obviously some capability for SOMETHING to pass back through into the world of the living. Perhaps Harry will be able to stand before it and talk to Dumbledore or Sirius.

    Snape = Good.

    He has ALWAYS been good, but has ALWAYS appeared to be evil. Time after time, JKR waves “evil” Snape before us, then reveals that Snape was good all along. Just look at Book 1 and the way we are convinced Snape is the bad guy, only to find at the last minute that Quirrel is the baddie and Snape was after him. This is a pattern JKR has established and it will not be broken.

    Snape HAD to kill Dumbledore. Dumbledore didn’t mind because A) he had no fear of death, B) he knew his death was necessary so that Snape, Harry, Draco, and others may live, and C) He was probably already “dead” anyway… He had already taken permanent damage from one Horcrux and drank the potion guarding another — surely, he was on borrowed time from the earlier one (drinking potions that put a stopper in death… how much longer could they last?) and may have believed there was no lasting cure for the latter.

    Snape WANTS to kill Voldemort. Voldermort killed the only person Snape ever loved, Harry’s mom. Snape is so powerful with occlumency because he has been waging a constant struggle with the greatest legilimend of all time, Voldemort, to hide his true intentions.

    Dumbledore trusted Snape because Dumbledore alone knew Snape’s true intent, and true reason for hating Voldemort. Love is the strongest magic of all — and the most powerful motivator for good AND evil. That is the lesson Harry must learn, and he must use it to finally defeat Voldemort.

    Snape will die. He will die in a manner calculated to allow Harry to defeat Voldemort.

    Macgonagal will also die.

    As for future books, JKR insists this is the end of the “Harry Potter” series, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the end of all books about the Wizarding World. She could write a multi-part series on the early life of Dumbledore (I want to hear the story of how he defeated that other evil wizard, that coincided with the end of WWII!). She could jump ahead a few years and do stories about an adult Hermione, who is now the youngest-ever head of Griffydor House. Or Ron, who is the youngest-ever Minister of Magic. Harry could be an incidental character, popping in to offer some small but important help in between games during his tenure as Seeker for the Chudley Cannons.

    So sure, JKR could well write a hundred more books about Hogwarts, without comprising her plan to end the “Harry Potter” Septology once and for all.

    Just some thoughts. All of the above will be rendered irrelevant in a few days, so don’t bother putting much into them.