i call pit bullcrap

This is not suitable for children.

Venomous Kate linked to this story about a family pit bull apparently sexually assaulting the family toddler. VK has something to say on the matter… and pit bull apologist or not, I disagree that the dog should be destroyed right away; I think there should be an investigation, especially since there is so much wrong with this story. I mean, first of all, this just sounds hinky.


I mean, was it really the dog? (Btw, how many times must we say pit bull in the news articles? Had it been a golden retriever, you would have called it a golden retriever once, just to let everyone know that it wasn’t an *evil* pit bull or Rottweiller, and thereafter, you would have called him a DOG. But it’s a pit bull, so you make sure that the breed is repeated and repeated. After all, his pit bull-ness made him do it, right?) Or was it the dad or another male in the family, or a neighbor, and they blamed the dog as a scapegoat so the hospital wouldn’t figure it out and call child services? Or was it the dog, but because the owners were playing out some deviant sexual fantasy involving their child and a dog? Yes, there are sick people in this world, and I’m just saying, this DOES NOT MAKE SENSE. Were neighbors really there helping pull off the dog like the officer said, or is the family just saying that? Or are the neighbor witnesses really good friends of family who would say anything? It just seems really incredible to me that the dog pulled the clothes and the diaper off of the toddler and knew where he was going and everything. I can’t wrap my head around the logic.

No wait. Another link.

Det. Capt. Larry Eggert says the mother was changing the baby’s diaper and briefly left the room.

I’m not going to fault her for leaving the room in the middle of a changing. Whatever. Maybe the phone rang, maybe he peed in her eye, and she forgot the baby wipes. But. Left her neckid baby alone in the room either with her two-year-old (primo hormonal age), apparently intact male DOG, or without knowing where the DOG was?? (That’s if I’m buying this story, which I’m not. I’m *so* not.)

Second, the officer said that the toddler has had surgeries to repair damage caused by the dog, but there were no bites? Really? Ok, first of all, *graphic alert*, how would the dog have turned the boy over (mothers do still change diapers with children lying on their backs, yes?) to mount the boy without putting some kind of bite marks or scratches on the boy? How? I guess we’re to assume that the toddler just got up and started walking around, and the dog knocked him back down for some dominance behavior and promptly mounted him? And put NO OTHER MARKS ON THE BOY? I’m sorry, but if Rowdi hi-fives me too hard and barely misses my hand and hits my arm instead? I end up with a welp on my arm for half the day. So there would have been some kind of marks — maybe not bites, but at least scratches. Come ON. And by the way, I feel most horrible for this little child and do wish him a speedy recovery. His parents? I’d like a word with them.

And then the Det. Capt. says:

“She heard some screams, returned very quickly found the dog in the act of doing what it was doing. She screamed apparently that must have caused the dog to become afraid.” The dog ran outside, still attached to the boy. Neighbors stepped in to help, beating on the dog to get it off the boy. (sic)

And now is where I really get going. IF this story is actually true, I have some questions.

First question. Does the dog still have his balls? If so, why so? There is absolutely NO reason for pit bulls to breed. Or goldens or labs or any of them for that matter. But pit bulls? Even lovers of the breed like me can go down to any pound and find plenty on any given week that are going to be put down for a number of different reasons. Abuse, neglect, family didn’t understand that pit bulls have a lot of energy, too much work to make the dog *actually* behave, and in Rowdi’s case, the excuse the family gave the pound was that they were moving. Moving. “We’re sorry, Family Member, we can’t take you with us, we’re moving, and it’s simply too much work to take you along. Farewell, hope someone else wants you. Otherwise, happy death to you.” We actually learned later from a random person on the street who knew Rowdi that they gave her up because she barked all the time, and the neighbors kept calling the cops on the owners, so they were going to have to move if they *didn’t* give her up. Yeah, funny how we don’t have that problem with her. Discipline does interesting things for a dog. /tangent

Anyway, as I said, no reason for the dog to have his balls, and I’m betting that either he has his balls, or he runs the show around there (probably both). Humping is a dominance thing for dogs. If the dog actually mounted the baby on his own, it means that the dog doesn’t respect his owners. Dogs don’t harm owners’ pups unless the dogs don’t see the owners as being in charge. Am I wrong on this one?

Next question. How in the world do you leave your toddler alone with your two-year-old dog, and I don’t care what kind of dog he is? You don’t. You know where your dog is at all times. And if the dog gets within two feet of your child (or kitty cat, as our case is), or further out with that fixated prowling look on his face, you handle up on your business and OWN YOUR FREAKING DOG.

And having to beat the dog off of the child as the dog is running around outside with the baby dangling from his privates? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Picture it. Pit bulls are not tall dogs. Rowdi is taller than most because she’s also part Shepherd and part Lab. But go to that first link and look at the picture of the dog. That is all pit bull. So I wanna know. Is the child’s head all bashed up from scraping along the ground when the dog ran outside with him?

UPDATE: The second link has updated, and the neighbors are now down to one neighbor who heard the woman screaming?

“The dog had the baby by the front leg. And the baby’s stomach….then I had to beat up on the dog to take him away from the baby.”

And then the dog ran outside. And the baby threw up, and the neighbor saw rectal bleeding.

The family apparently wants it euthanized but that won’t happen until the investigation is finished.

Excellent. Because yeah, I am not so quick to judge the dog in this situation. Parents? Um, yeah. Put them down ASAP. This whole thing reeks.

Oh, and they’re bringing in an animal behaviorist (the 2nd link previously said that it was one from out-of-town, but that 2nd link also keeps mysteriously erasing strange components of itself). I hope it’s Cesar. Also, I really like this SPCA chief, who is adamant about not putting the dog down until the investigation is over.

Whew. Ok, I’m done. I guess y’all know how I feel about it. And apparently I’m not the only one not buying it.

I actually might follow this story. I don’t tend to follow up on things, because I see shiny things and forget, but I haven’t been able to get this one out of my head all day (except during my date with Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes). So stay tuned.

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    We just posted a report with the latest news on this case at http://www.stinkyjournalism.org . We are not-for- profit, no ads, media bs watchdog (ouch) that came across this fake news report. We discovered that local MsM media misquoted their own experts to make it appear they were supporting this absurd idea that this young male dog raped a 2 year old boy within seconds of being left alone.

    Yet again the rationality and wisdom of the Internet mob saves the day by being first to say “hey no way is this story real.”

    Please let us know what you think of our report. Adam, who was an intern here early summer has done a great job of telling the insider story

    Here is the title and intro:

    Pit Bull “Molested And Attacked” Toddler?

    Press reported the “bizarre and disturbing” story of a pit bull raping a two-year-old. StinkyJournalism.org finds two misquoted experts crying foul, hospital saying child protection agency is involved, a SPCA executive director revealing that mother has “relocated” and giving StinkyJournalism advance notice of results of dog’s official behavioral analysis.

    Let us know when you find fake news. You can get published on our sites.


    When you mentioned this story yesterday, I clicked over to Kate’s and read the article. Last night I mentioned it to Rupert, “hey did you hear the story about the dog who ‘raped’ the baby?” and his immediate reaction was skepticism. He was all, “I highly doubt that’s what really happened.” I hadn’t even really questioned it at first but as soon as he said that, I was like, WELL DUH. It just doesn’t make sense. I think the family was abusing the kid at worst, and catastrophically neglectful at best.

  3. Yeah, thanks. We have to stick together. Only then can the truth be known. It is no longer the days of Watergate, where you could sit aside and trust that the media will deliver the unvarnished and un-sensationalized story.

    Spread the word. Keep us informed of what you think of fake, stinky news!! Send us your comments and links.

  4. That is the most made up crock of garbage that I have ever heard. For starters I have just come through the diaper years with my son, diaper changes do not take any time at all and there is NO reason what so ever to leave naked child alone. I mean two to three minutes tops is all it takes. These people are SICK, DEGENERATE PERVERTS and probably thought it would be funny or what ever for the dog to mount the child. I hope child services take that poor baby away from them ASAP.

  5. I have no idea what really happened, but I’m betting they find out very soon (if they’re any kind of cops at all) that the dog had nothing to do with this whatsoever. The whole thing looks like a cover up for the creep who really sodomized the baby.

    The worst part is, if they put the dog down and think they’ve taken care of the problem… they will be leaving a scum of the earth criminal to later sodomize another child. ARG!!!

  6. I’ve been following links about this story for days now, waiting to see how the forensic tests pan out. Still waiting!

    Another question I had was the mother’s claim that she screamed and the dog ran outside with the boy…uh, I don’t know how to say it ….still connected?

    So, there was an open door? With a dog and a toddler in the house? This makes about as much sense as the rest of the story. I’m going to go along with my mom’s impression on all of this, “Like Judge Judy says, if it doesn’t make sense, it’s probably not the truth.”

  7. Hi, evryone. For those interested here are two new items:

    We interviewed the SPCA Exec Director who said he is committed to keeping the dog safe.


    Also a new article went up today in local paper.

    This is the first report where the media expressed doubts. See http://www.lockportjournal.com/local/local_story_199144245.html

  8. Sorry to the gullible people who believed this fiction, but this child was not “raped” by the dog. In fact, the child was in all likelihood being abused by someone in the family, and Mom created this story in order to avoid acknowledging the truth. If I were the police, I’d be giving both Dad and Mom the third-degree, as one of them is either responsible for this child’s injuries or are covering up for the person who did!

  9. I cannot believe anyone could think that the dog did this. First of all, there are too many holes in the story. Second, I have never heard of an animal doing this to a human. When you hear a story about a human/animal encounter it is pretty much always the HUMAN doing somthing to the animal. Third of all, the family has “relocated” and no one seems to know where. Don’t ya think that is a little suspicious? My opinion is that a person did this and told the dumbest story they could think of to explain it. They thought “Oh I know! We’ll blame it on the dog and we can get away with it. Especally since it is a Pitbull and they are blamed for everything else!”. And isn’t it interesting how the lady wanted the dog put down so quickly. Hmmm, maybe cause she knows the dog had nothing to do with it and wants the eveidence destroyed. This is getting long, but something else I have thought about. It says nothing that I have seen about samples being taken from the child, only the dog. It may or may or may not have been possible because of how bad the damage was, but I would think it would be a good idea. I say that with a cringe on my face because the child has been through so much already. Anywho…thanks to you for blogging about this, and to Rachel Lucas for posting the link cause that is how I got here :)

  10. Latest UPDATE on case just published
    DNA results are in…

    Published: August 01, 2007 02:33 pm

    LOCKPORT: Pit bull investigation ongoing

    By April Amadon/amadona@gnnewspaper.com

    Lockport Union-Sun & Journal

    Police say that the results of a DNA test on a Washburn Street boy who was apparently attacked by the family pit bull are in and the dog’s traces were the only ones found.

    No charges have been filed in the bizarre incident where police believe the dog sexually assaulted a small child. The dog remains at the SPCA of Niagara County.

    “We’re still plodding through it,” Lockport Police Detective Capt. Larry Eggert said.

    Eggert said nothing incriminating was found in the results of DNA tests that were taken from the dog and from the boy.

    “If it says dog DNA for both parties, it’s dog DNA, which is pretty much what we were expecting,” he said.

    Women’s and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo will not release any information about the boy’s current condition or if he is still a patient there. He underwent surgery there when he was admitted on July 8, the day of the attack.

    The boy’s mother told police he had just removed his own dirty diaper and asked her to change him. She said he went into the living room to get a clean diaper and was alone with the dog, a 2-year-old pit bull named Bear, for a matter of minutes when the attack occurred.

    The mother heard the boy scream and walked in to see the dog sodomizing him, police said.

    Eggert said at the time the boy suffered “some pretty significant injuries” and was expected to undergo reconstructive surgery.

    SPCA Director Al Chille said the dog will remain with his organization “until we find out that the Lockport police have completed their investigation.”

    The dog had been with the family since it was a puppy and had no history of aggressive behavior, Eggert said.

    Chille said he’s received calls from all over the country about Bear from people with all different opinions. Some have wanted the dog to be euthanized immediately, while others have requested to adopt him.

    “It’s tapered down, but we still get an occasional (call),” Chille said.

    The boy’s mother has contacted Chille, as well.

    “She’s demanding that it be euthanized,” he said.

    Investigators have been receiving many tips from the community, but much of the information has been based on rumors and speculation about the family involved, Eggert said.

    “(There are) a lot of good-intentioned people, but a lot of people that are jumping on the bandwagon,” Eggert said.

    He urged anyone with solid information about the case to call him at 439-6722.