I made bread!

Successfully! And it’s gooooooood. Ok, I didn’t like make it from scratch and mix up all the flours and whatnot, but I did use this mix from Bob’s Red Mill (my favorite of all the red mills). I had tried it before, but being smart like I am, I had already packed up all my bread pans (not that I’ve ever made bread in my life, but you know, I make a lot of things now that I didn’t make before I was GF), so when I made it the first time, I used the wrong size pan *AND* I missed that whole *let the dough rise in the pan before you bake it* step. Minor things, of course. So the bread the first time I made it was… well, it tasted good, but the texture was all. wrong. /Hermione

But this time it came out very well, as I actually followed the instructions, yay me, and I bought a bread pan at Publix a couple of weeks ago after my first try at making bread went wonky. (My cooling racks are also in storage, of course, because I *never* need them, right, so I first used a ceramic plate and then moved it to my wrought-iron trivet so it would cool faster.)

We had bacon and mayo sandwiches (we don’t have tomatoes or lettuce right now, I wasn’t actually thinking ahead) at 11:30 p.m., because I could not wait to eat a sandwich. Funny, I was never a sandwich person (nor a bacon person, for that matter) before this whole gluten bigotry popped up.

One Response to I made bread!

  1. Mmmmmm, bacon!

    (Can’t say bacon & mayo sounds all that good–I’m not a mayo fan). But fresh-baked bread sounds good.