as seen on TV

I’m not just addicted to TV. I’m addicted to those as-seen-on-TV products. In fact, when I need a solution to one of my many weird housewife issues, I usually head to the as-seen-on-TV aisle at my favorite pharmacy and start looking around… Which means that I’ve just found the TV shopping addict’s jackpot.

I’ve been planning to get more Space Bags to pack the clothes and blankets in for the move, and they have them (for cheaper than I usually see them). But before we move… how about these driveway alarms just in case nosy neighbor Bill happens by?

5 Responses to as seen on TV

  1. Do you find that those Space Bags are quality products? The only person I know who has used them told me they leak air and are just crummy construction.

  2. The ones I got before were good, but the kitties were able to put kitty holes in them with their mean kitty claws. They seem to have improved over the years around the valve area, too, but maybe that’s just me. Anyway, I was always able to get all the non-punctured-by-kitties ones to hold air.

  3. If you don’t over load them and are gentle with the zipper tabs, the space bags are VERY GOOD. Of course we also sealed them with duct tape because we didn’t want them popping open halfway between NC and CA. We got a bunch of ours at Costco because they had a special multipack deal at the time.

  4. when I think of odd things you fell for I like to think of “I shot my eye out with a rubberband gun”.

  5. Starfox5253

    Space Bags! They are the best. We live in a teeny tiny house (hubby is a grad student) and when the baby (and summer) came, I was up at 3 am a lot feeding him, and I saw these on TV… We packed up all the extra blankets and winter clothing and sleeping bags and put them in Space Bags. But! I got the best and most awesome thing of all… The Space Bag Tote!

    We fit about 15 blankets, a huge fluffy sleeping bag, and several pillows in this thing! It’s awesome! (I sound like a commercial!) The best thing is that it’s a big huge Space Bag, but it’s in a canvas tote. So maybe your kitties wouldn’t be able to punch holes in it because the canvas is protecting it? It’s a thought…

    The only other AS SEEN ON TV thing I want is the little robot that vacuums the floor, and it’s brother that mops the floor! I seriously need it before the baby starts crawling… now to convince the hubby!