getting really close

We’re almost there with the house. By the end of the week, my plan is to have only the garage to finish (and a little bit of landscaping and cleanup of the back patio). And by the end of the month, all of that.

See, we have goals. Spend a little time at Disney when we’re done, just relax for a few days. We have leftover days on our passes from when the evil fake sarahk came to visit, and we intend to use them before they expire in August. Also, I’m anxious to go shooting. We haven’t been in a while, so there is ammo just waiting waiting waiting for us to explode it. And targets just waiting for me to shoot the centers out of them.

And my truck is waiting to be fixed or sold. We can have it in really good shape for about $550 (the Ford dealership near us keeps sending me these coupons — replace all of my tires for $175 total!), or we can sell it and start a car fund for my next car. I have driven it maybe five times in four months, and I’m thinking we could be a one-car family at least until we’re in Texas and maybe longer. Then again, $550 isn’t bad… and Pinky’s had remarkably few problems for a domestic car with 125K miles on her. Replace a battery, replace struts, replace thermostat, replace tires, oil changes, and a tune-up… that’s all I think she’s needed. And now she needs a windshield (which I can get for $175), tires ($175), a starter (roughly $75), and my transmission needs servicing ($80). Throw in an oil change, and she’s running very nicely for a couple of years. Ack. Don’t know what to do there.

And then we sell this house. And it’s really looking great these days. One day I’ll show y’all pictures. For reals. (I have to clean everything first.)

Anyway, it’s all coming together. Not bad, considering I was operating at about 25% capacity (if that) for the first three months of this project on a nasty gluten challenge (it’s been going on four months), and Frank has spent a lot of his time working hard for the sweet, sweet blog money so we can pay the bills (and then picking up my slack when he’s not blogging). And especially considering all the repairs and other things we had to learn to do.

2 Responses to getting really close

  1. why not keep the truck until after you move? trucks are handy things when moving. they are also handy when taking care of the many projects that come with a new home.

    keep it. drive both vehicles to Texas. load the truck bed with stuff for the move. use the truck to haul things like dirt and rocks when fixing up your new home.

    THEN get rid of the truck.

  2. Man, I almost forgotten what recoil feels like.