happy birthday

to me.

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  1. Happy birthday, dear sarahk!! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Sending you b-day greetings from too hot Scottsdale.

  3. Happy birthday, lovely and talented SarahK!

    And now, as your birthday present, here are some spoilers for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows….



  4. Yay! How does it feel to be 28?

  5. Merry Birthday, Sarahk!!!

  6. maggie katzen

    Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

  9. Happy Birthday!!!! :D

    …and thanks for helping me! {Hugs}

  10. have a great day, my dear.

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  12. Happy Birthday!

    Where’s the extra big slice of Gluten Free Cake?

  13. Happy Birthday, sweetie! Hope it’s a great one!

  14. Happy Birthday!

    …and Happy Harry Potter when you get it. ;-)

  15. Happy Birthday! :) I remember last year when you were freaking out about turning 30. Well, my 30th comes exactly one month from today… got any advice? :)

  16. Happy Birthday!
    Happy Birthday!

    I wrote it twice in case you missed it, in your old age. ;-)

  17. Yay! Thanks, everyone! Y’all are the nicest.

    Frank J., I’m not 28. That’s you, you young whipper snapper.

    pam, you’re most welcome. :)

    scotty, I actually do have a gluten-free cake mix in the pantry, so I could make myself one or coach Frank on doing it, but I’d maybe rather have GF brownies on my birthday. You know, since I get to choose.

    Lilya, I sure hope it’s a happy Harry Potter. If it’s all sad (i.e., if any of The Children(TM) dies), I shall be thoroughly put out.

    Janna, you’re totally right! That freak out kinda sneaked up on me. I wasn’t expecting it to affect me at all, and then it just did. But not for very long. And I don’t remember why. Not nearly as bad as 24. Advice? Don’t sweat it. It’s better than the alternative. :)

  18. Amanda, you scamp! I’m not old. I’m getting seasoned like a good cast-iron skillet.

  19. Happy birthday, you gluten-free T-shirt babe!!

    And many more. :)

  20. HAPPY!!! BIRTHDAY!!!!

    -The Rat.

  21. Happy Birthday!

  22. Happy birthday!

  23. Mmmm… Brownies.

  24. happy happy happy happy birthday!!

  25. Saw this on Good Eats the other night – gluten free chocolate chip cookies :)

    Happy Birthday


  26. LOL

    I’m not that far behind you, just five months till I’m 31.

  27. lottiedottie

    Happy Birthday!!! We’re the same age again for 2-1/2 months!

  28. Happy Birthday, have a wonderful day!

  29. (singing in my best karaoke voice)Happy Birthday to you,happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Sarah, happy birthday to you!!!!

  30. Happy Birthday! enjoy your brownies!!!

  31. Happy birthday, fabulous Gun-Queen of Infidels!

  32. Happy birthday SarahK! May you and FrankJ have many many more together!

  33. I’d like to voice my support for the views of the previous commenters, which as I recall were along the lines of, “Happy Birthday!”

  34. Happy b-day and have a wonderful year!!! :)

  35. Have a very Happy Birthday!

  36. “I’m not old. I’m getting seasoned like a good cast-iron skillet.”
    That. is . great!
    Happy happy birthday! Party on!!

  37. To yoooooo-ooooooou, happy birthday to you!

  38. Happy, happy birthday!!!! Yay, SarahK!!!!!!

  39. Have a very happy birthday!

  40. Y’all are the sweetest. (Keep it comin’.) :-)

  41. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful gluten-free day! Love and hugs!

  42. Happy Birthday Miss Sarahk.

    (Ours are exactly two weeks apart.)

    So…what did you get?

  43. Happy birthday to you.
    Happy birthday to you.
    Happy birthday dear lovely and talented SarahK Queen of Infidels.
    Happy birthday to you.

  44. Happy Birthday!

  45. Happy y’know, trip around the sun.

  46. Happy Birthday Sarahk..I’ll give you hug when i see you sometime around the holidays :)

  47. Happy Birthday Again!!!
    Maybe I’ll be the first and last of the day.
    Have you some pizza baby!

  48. Happy birthday Sarah! Hope it was a great day and that the brownies were delicious!!

  49. Happy Happy Birthday!! :) I hope you have had a wonderful day!!

  50. Thank y’all!

    Oh look! Family members! I’ll have to tease Spidade that y’all wished me a Happy Birthday while he didn’t. :)

    No brownies, y’all. Nor pizza, essay. I mean, we have them, but Frank went and got Indian food so I wouldn’t have to cook, and I filled up on that. YUM.

    Serenity, um… I got some money, some nice earrings, The Office seasons 1 & 2, Friends season 4, Norah Jones’s latest, Kelly Clarkson’s latest, the Serenity soundtrack, a tshirt that Frank had made just for me (but I haven’t seen it yet, because it won’t arrive until tomorrow), and lots of well wishes… so far. There are also things on their way from my mom. Oh, and Frank hand-made me a card that he wrote on scrap paper. So it had a cartoon drawing of a big, fat Michael Moore and Wolf Blitzer and then messages for me. I was like, “You couldn’t even use clean paper?” He’s so cute.

  51. oh…my sweetie must have had a great birthday with so many b-day wishes from such nice people. life is good. love you! Mommy