Sorry dog-abusing idiots

I’ve been wanting to post about the whole Michael-Vick-is-(allegedly)-evil-and-abuses- dogs thing ever since I heard the story (profanity in link). No, wait. I don’t want to leave out his partners. Filthy, putrid scum. However, as my head still explodes in rage over the whole thing (and rage is bad, peeps, rage is bad), I don’t know how coherent I can be about it.

Ok, I’ll keep it brief, because if I go into detail, I’ll start off my day in a most unpleasant mood.

You have to have pure evil in your heart to treat animals like that — human or furry (or furry human). First off, forcing dogs to fight for sport? So do you think their parents ever took them into poorly-lit, dingy arenas, put them in there with another kid, and told them that if they didn’t beat the crap out of the other kid and win the fight, they’d be in big trouble? And after they lost their fights, did their parents electrocute them, slam them into the ground so hard they died, drown them, hang them? Or did they do that to them for making poor grades (I mean, how could such right idiots get good ones)? But then, Vick and his moron friends don’t actually see these dogs as actual living creatures, do they? They’re just sport, playthings, things for people with minimal brain capacity to torture and gamble on. Evil, rotten [self-edit]s.

Hmm, I wonder why pit bulls have such a bad rep for fighting? Yeah, I know it’s in the genes, but they’re dogs first, and when you’re not forcing them to do it and give them exercise and a little bit of (non-torturous) discipline, they’re sweet, loyal dogs. The fight can be trained out, and so can the prey instinct. And the fight is only there in the first place because other dog-abusing freaks started breeding them to fight.

And don’t even get me started on his purchase of this land. Bad Newz Kennels? What’s in a name, right?

I wonder what Vic’s business cards say. “Michael Vick. Quarterback. Abusive Moron who Tortures Dogs.”

5 Responses to Sorry dog-abusing idiots

  1. It’s very hard for me to think about the dogs Vick abused and murdered, in part because I risk losing both my lunch and my marbles if I ruminate on what’s happened here. I can, however, tell you how glad I was to read of the indictment.

    Once the indictment was handed down, I know Vick was going to have to face the consequences of his actions, and those of his … ahem … “associates”. I knew Nike would have to address the issue of having such a morally reprehensible piece of garbarge on their list of endorsees. I also hoped the NFL would have to get of its complacent *** and start the process of having Vick suspended until his case is adjudicated. To the Falcons owner: this is why the “Morals Clause” exists — exercise it already!

    I hope the authorities prosecuting this case do not cave to corporate and fan interests in Atlanta and allow Vick to plead his case down. Abusing animals exists within the same dynamic as child abuse: it thrives on the exploitation of those most dependent upon, and vulnerable to you. But I’m sure that means nothing to what are likely multiple Michael Vick “Baby Mommas” who see the QB as their personal Lotto payout.

  2. Also, my best friend in high school had a pit bull, Boris, who belonged to her brother. Boris was the sweetest, gentlest guy — he’d sooner kiss you to death than hurt you! The only time he ever took anything out was when, during a walk, another dog broke out of its yard and lunged at and tried to take a bite our of Peter’s arm. Boris gave the other dig one very quick bite to the jugular, and that was that. There was no bloodlust, no additional violance. His instinct was to protect Peter from harm.

    The other dog’s owner never pursued any action against Boris — he knew his dog was in the wrong and that Boris was just protecting his person.

  3. Best dog I ever owned was a female Rotty-Chow mix. Would lick anyone to death unless they were critter in the back yard.

    Then they ended up as a trophy on the back porch.

    Also, she’d bang down the door to get into the house when it stormed.

  4. Brian the sailor

    I’m at a loss for words. Well, at least words that are welcome here.
    I simply don’t understand the mentality behind this sort of thing.

  5. I don’t get it either, y’all.