house progress

Well. The kitchen floor is clean (I just need to mop it, but I swept it really well and cleaned the baseboards, and Frank cleaned all the paint off the tile). Frank has been supportive in keeping the dishes done, and I got the countertops all cleaned off. Once Frank is done painting the trim (he’s doing that now) and I’m done painting the doors, we’ll be pretty much ready to put the finishing touches on the kitchen. Decorations back up on the plant ledges, rehang the other valance, and then… I’m ready to bring in the table from the back patio. It’s the table I bought when I lived in Amarillo, but Frank already had a table for the nook. That’s in storage now, because I’m gonna put the wrought-iron and glass table in the nook (it goes with the decorations) and get a couple of chairs for the patio. I’m not gonna go all out and by fancy stuff like teak outdoor furniture just yet… I think I’ll wait until we move wherever it is we’re moving before I do that. But I can’t wait to get the table inside and finish off this kitchen.

Almost there…

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  1. Way to go Sarah and Frank!!! You’re doing great. The house will be gorgeous and sold soon, I just know it. :)