new lights!

These are the new light fixtures we installed over both bathroom vanities. Actually, Frank did most of the work, I just helped. The one in the master bath (pictured below) has four globes, and the front bath fixture has three globes. All bulbs are incandescent, of course (don’t y’all want to know what kind of lightbulbs the Js use? Yes, you do.). Those fluorescent bulbs aren’t so good for people with epilepsy (me included!), not to mention that I drop stuff all the time, and if you break a fluorescent bulb, a HazMat team has to come clean up the spill for you. Oh, and if global warming is real (it’s not — you know, in the ’70s, “they” were convinced we were heading for an ice age), we’re not going to fix it by running our cars on corn and putting ugly fluorescents in our houses. I’m convinced that anything we do to try to fix it will just make it worse — did y’all know that whatever it is that replaced CFCs in aerosol sprays is so much worse for the ozone layer than the CFCs were? Yeah.

Wait, how did my light fixture post go from there to global warming? I just want to show y’all a picture. Here it is.

UPDATE: I’m stupid. But I was really tired when I wrote this. Thanks Rod!

12 Responses to new lights!

  1. we’ve been slowly switching over to fluorescents because MIL leaves lights on ALL DAY LONG, and we just paid a $330 utility bill. If we can save a little by switching the lights she utilizes all day long, then it’s worth it.

  2. oh, and your lights are prettier in person

  3. That’s unfortunate, because it means that I’ll have to avoid your house.

    And thanks! Yes they are.

  4. i agree about the lights. fluorescents suck the life out of you. i work under fluorescents. and joe vs the volcano says so too. oh…those light fixtures are beautimous!

  5. Ooooh, purty. :)

    I have to confess that we’ve switched almost entirely to the compact fluorescents and I lurve them. But then, none of us has a medical reason to avoid them. Which makes it an entirely different kettle of fish. Or bulb full of gas. Or something.

  6. bulb full of hazardous toxic waste. :)

    i hate the look of fluorescents, too. they make a room seem so cold.

  7. beautiful fixture and wow, look at those high ceilings!
    I can hear the echo now…oww…oww…

  8. Yes, I sooo hated painting those high ceilings. Nevah again.

  9. It’s funny…the old-fashioned ones, like I had in my office once upon a time when I had an office, were awful. These, I don’t notice the difference. I’m sure it’s there and I’m just not the sort who notices that sort of thing.

    I went off the big pretty vaulted ceilings after my parents bought a house with them. 17′ in the living room. Madness. Hauling out the big ladder to clean the cobwebs out of the corners = too much work for my tastes. I’m very, very lazy. But I own it, so that’s something, right? :)

  10. Deb, well it’s good that y’all don’t notice (I notice every time — rooms are just so… fluorescent). I love the high ceilings here, I just hated painting that ceiling. I don’t think I’ll ever paint another ceiling, not even a low one. The pain!

  11. I am thoroughly spoiled by my own obliviousness. :)

  12. It’s good that you’re oblivious. :) You have a right to have whatever lights you want in your house.