massive cutie-head moment

Here’s how long it took me to do the finances last week: So long that I totally forgot that I’d already paid the credit card the day before the due date, so I went online the day after the due date and paid it again (this card takes a few days to update transactions, or surely I would have noticed it had already been paid). And here’s the kicker: the first payment was on time, but since I was paying the day after the due date the second time, I felt like I should make this one an “Express Payment,” which costs $15 to do.

I am so smart I even surprise myself sometimes.

3 Responses to massive cutie-head moment

  1. I so wish I had that problem.

  2. Me too.
    I imagine you don’t have to pay the upcoming bill then?

  3. Oh no, I do. It posted before the statement cutoff date, so I still have to pay next month.