lost monitor

Well, we lost the monitor for our desktop computer. Ok, didn’t lose it, but it just kinda died. Frank thought about taking it apart (we think it needed power supply repair), but I was very against him electrocuting himself tinkering. I do love him and want him to stick around. So we got rid of it, and now the desktop is monitorless. We’re using it basically as a file server.

But poor Frank. You know how he found out? He went to load his video game that I bought him for his birthday onto the desktop, and the monitor was just dead. So now he has to wait until we get to wherever it is we’re moving before he can play his birthday present (I figure no buying new stuff unless it helps us sell the house). Sad.

6 Responses to lost monitor

  1. I lost a monitor once to heat. It was a nearly new monitor and I wasn’t paying attention because I seldom feel how warm the room is while sitting and typing. Turns out it was really hot in the room and the monitor overheated and blew out. That’s when I got my first flatscreen.

  2. I don’t consider a monitor a luxury item. When my monitor blew on my older desktop, I ran out and replaced it right that evening.

  3. Patriot Xeno, Command and Conquer 3, I think.

    Teresa, I’m not sure what happened to the monitor. It is the hottest room in the house. And we’re planning to replace the monitor with a flatscreen.

    Walter, no, we don’t consider it a luxury item either. But we both have laptops, so it’s not like we’re missing out on computering altogether. It’s just that I don’t want to get a monitor just to be packing it up and moving it across the country. And since it will be a flatscreen, it’ll be more money than we want to part with right now, especially since we don’t really need to replace it just yet.

  4. For future reference, monitors don’t have any user serviceable parts on them.

    When they die, they die.

  5. I cooked an old monitor once. First one I ever owned, in fact, back in the ol’ x86 days. It lasted about ten years (three computers) before sparking and dying in a puff of ozone.

    Went flat-panel after that and haven’t looked back. I love those things. They’re pretty cheap now, too.