Frank J. gets up to go get himself some coffee, but it’s all for effect. I am on to him. I know what he’s doing.

FRANK J.: Oh. I don’t has coffee.
SARAHK: And you don’t know how to make it?
FRANK J.: I know how to make my wife make it.
SARAHK: Not today. You make it yourself.
FRANK J. [with his cute face on]: Please, pretty wife, will you make me coffee?
FRANK J.: Please? You’re so pretty.
SARAHK: I will only make your coffee if you understand that you are not making me make your coffee.
FRANK J.: I understand.
SARAHK: Do you understand?
FRANK J.: Yes. I can has coffee?
SARAHK: Fine. But only because you asked, not because you’re making me.
FRANK J.: K thx.

7 Responses to coffee

  1. He totally made you make him coffee. Mad props to Frank.

  2. I agree Some Dude…He totally got you to do that! YAY Frank!

  3. The whole time I’m reading I’m thinkin’…

    No SarahK! Don’t do it. No!

    He’s makin’ her make the coffee.

    Stand strong SarahK.N Stand strong.

    Ohhh poo. She made the coffee….

    (but you know what? I would have too!)

  4. I’m a sucker for his cute face, y’all! What can I say?

  5. So when do we get to see the LolFranks?

  6. Hmm… I’ll try to remember to do some of those.

  7. he’s so sweetie and cutie that how could you possibly refuse to make his coffee even though we all know he made you make it with his wily ways. ;)