Tammi found out about a recall for Sara Lee whole wheat bread and some store brands as well. She’s very surprised that the bread may have small pieces of metal in it.

Hey Tammi, maybe Sara Lee’s husband forgot that Sara Lee said, “Don’t put the beater for the Kitchenaid mixer in the dishwasher,” and he put the beater in the dishwasher anyway. And the next time Sara Lee used the mixer, metal started flaking off into the batter of the bread.

Not that I would know anything about that…

Anyway, I can’t wait for my replacement beater (it should arrive today, and I’m gonna name it Fred) so I can make more bread.

2 Responses to beater

  1. Fred is an excellent name. He’ll be able to mix any ingredients to the perfect consistency in less than 2 seconds. Better yet, just show Fred to the ingredients in the bowl and they will mix themselves out of fear and respect.

  2. Bad Frank. Very bad Frank (said just in case…)

    Fred is the perfect name for your new beater. Much better than any thing I could come up with! ;-)

    (btw – Sara Lee stopped by the site this morning. I’ll send ‘em over here, cause I’m thinkin’ at this point they could use your help with the PR end of things!