cutie-head moment: brownies!

I made brownies a couple of weeks ago. The awesome gluten-free ones that we love so much. Yes, well, in my haste to get the yummy things in the oven, I read “3/4 cups water,” measured it out, and popped the brownies in the oven.

They came out all spongey. Not so good. As soon as I saw all the holes in the brownies and tasted the first one, I wondered what I could have done wrong… then I remembered. I had used a 2-cup measuring cup and filled that baby up to 1 3/4 cups. Yeah. I’m smirt. And Frank teased me mercilessly about the brownies until we finally threw out about 3/4 of the batch. Ick.

I made them again night before last, and y’all just don’t know how many times I checked the package, then the measuring cup, then the package again.

They were so much better this time.

2 Responses to cutie-head moment: brownies!

  1. Reminds me of that time I came home from school horribly hungry and decided to have pasta with cream (the normal-cooking variety, not the sweet-for-dessert one).
    By the time my tagliatelle were cooked, my stomach was protesting loudly, so I quickly grabbed the carton, opened, poured a generous amound, mixed and took the first hungry bite – only to find out I had used bechamel sauce. Urgh.
    I don’t know which one was worse, the taste or the fact I had to do it all over again, even more hungry.

    Hope it made you feel better about your “moment” :-)

  2. That’s nothing. A friend of mine tried to be clever and bake dinner and desert (both from packages) at the same time. A shepherd’s pie and a crumb cake.

    Somehow, he put the crumb topping on top of dinner and the potato flakes on top of the cake.

    And he still ate them!