food allergies and greedy, stupid people

Of course he did it on purpose (prof in link). Probably had his EpiPen sitting on the TV tray right next to the food in his well-lit room (just to make sure he didn’t die on the way to the hospital).

And um, most people with a severe milk allergy have a severe cheese allergy. Some aged cheeses are completely free of lactose, but that’s just going to get you around lactose intolerance — not a milk allergy (two entirely different things — one screws with your digestion and can give you other symptoms, while the other affects your whole body and can send you into anaphylactic shock). Most people with milk allergy are allergic to both casein (the protein in cheese) and whey (the protein in milk).

That said, if you know you are deathly allergic to milk, you either eat at restaurants (not fast food) where you can call ahead and talk to the chef to find out if you can eat safely at his restaurant, or you cook for yourself! You don’t play chicken with your food allergy. It’s just stupid, and it’s your own fault if you get sick or go into shock.

I am not allergic to wheat, rye, and barley, but I am incredibly intolerant (they cause massive vitamin deficiencies in me and give me seizures, muscle aches, nerve pain, heartburn, other not-fun gastric symptoms, migraines, pain in my teeth… I could list more). I’m so sensitive to wheat that I generally can’t eat any packaged foods that were made in facilities where wheat is even processed. So I do NOT go to McDonalds and order a burger without the bun. I know they’re just going to take the bun off of a burger they’d already made, and even if they make a new bun-less burger for me, I don’t trust that they didn’t change their gloves before they touched my food. I’m not stupid. In fact, before I go to any fast food restaurant (very rare), I do my research to make sure of what I can eat there. Meaning that I check the website before I eat there and see what on their menu is completely free of my food intolerances. And when I get there, I ask if their french fry fryer is a dedicated fryer (even though I know it is, because the website told me so). I know before I get to the restaurant that I can eat about four things there. French fries, hashbrowns, hot mustard sauce, and the parfait (without the granola). And if Frank has ordered anything containing wheat, I ask them to put my part in a separate bag from his. Because I know that if I get sick, it’s my fault for not cooking my own food and for trusting my health to someone else.

Recently at Chipotle, I asked the girl who warms the tortillas to change her gloves before she made my burrito bowl, and she did (I watched her). But then I forgot to ask the girl who folds the burritos to change hers before handling my cheese. And I got sick just from her gloves that had previously touched wheat touching my cheese. That wasn’t her fault. It was mine, because I forgot to ask.

It all boils down to trust for me. I don’t trust that other people are as diligent with my food preparation and as concerned about my getting sick as I am.

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  1. I’m just surprised that nobody did this sooner. After all Mickey D got sued for actually serving HOT coffee.

    I hope the national media picks this up and makes it look as ridiculous as it is. Even if they settle people will be making fun of him for years.

  2. Louis Villaescusa


    Greetings from Newport Beach, California.

    I’ve been reading your blog and I’m starting to feel your pain about your Gluten Intolerance. I’ve been having some minor problems for almost a year and the doctor hasn’t been able to do anything meaningful about it. The last thing she said was that it might be an allergy. (btw, I’ve got to get a new doctor anyway because my employer switched everybody’s insurance last month.)

    Anyway, after comparing my symptoms and changing my diet around,I’m suspecting Salicylate Sensitivity. The lists of high salicylate stuff online are not very accurate, but they are long. It’s a real pain trying to plan my meals now.

    But getting back to the topic, I do agree with you that anyone with a food allergy or intolerance wouldn’t just ram an unverified burger down their throat-hole.

    Although maybe this person is one of those thrillseekers (a different breed of cat) who gets a rush from playing “restaurant Russian roulette.”

    P.S. It’s a beautiful day here. It’s really a good thing that Nasa corrected their temperature figures down to account for the Y2K bug. That’s made it a lot cooler the last few days.

  3. Louis Villaescusa

    I totally agree with you. I can’t imagine anyone with a food allergy or intolerance throwing an unverified burger down their throat-hole.

    Unless, of course, they’re one of those “thrillseekers” (a different breed of cat) who gets a rush from playing “restaurant Russian roulette.”

  4. see – this is why i read this blog. sarahk is always sooo right! if you are an adult, you can’t go around blaming others everytime something goes wrong in your life. part of being a big kid is taking responsibility for your own well-being!

  5. My Husband and I are both GF for just over a year now. We thought we had a couple resturants we could trust but lately we have had some problems. We think that it might have been the time of day it was late. The pans they are cooking in are not as clean. Or they may have had a change in who is cooking. We are not sure so we are not going out for a while. WE are tired of having setbacks.