We’ve gone back and forth (regarding our next house) between building and buying. Of course, the ideal situation for us would be to rent until we either find what we’re looking for in either an already-built house or new construction.

A while back, I wanted our next house to be the one we’re in until our kids are all grown up (Lord willing), so I wanted us to build the perfect house for that. I would still like to do that – settle down in the house we’ll be in for decades, pay it off in fifteen years, and be mortgage-free – but it doesn’t have to be perfect anymore. I guess after all the improvements we’ve done to this one (pictures soon, yes), we figure that we can buy a fixer-upper and make it into the house we want. Unless we find something we love that needs little work or can be built for us for a good price – we’re all for making it easier on ourselves.

Back when I wanted to build the perfect house, I was fairly silly about the whole thing. In addition to the giant kitchen (still on the list) and the good-sized laundry room, I wanted ridiculous things. Once upon a time, I went to a fundraiser at a 15,000 square foot mansion, and that house had a theater. Not just a media room – a soundproof theater complete with remote-controlled door, emergency lighting, projection screen, fancy projector, ten or more cushy leather chairs in a graded movie theater-style room, tables (for dinner theater, I guess), and – I’m not kidding – exit signs. I don’t remember if they went the whole nine yards and put in Braille exit signs or not, but they did have scarlet curtains drawn over the screen, so it truly wouldn’t have surprised me. So… way back before I ever finished painting the master bathroom, I was thinking we should have one of those. Aisles, emergency lights, and all.

I know, crazy. I know we don’t need a room like that (unless it also doubles as a safe room – because you know, then we wouldn’t have to build a storm cellar – haha), and now when I look at house plans (very infrequently), I don’t require that they have large theaters. As long as I can find a symmetrical entertainment center that will go around our otherwise clunky widescreen TV, I think that will suffice.

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  1. When we built our current home 12 years ago, we picked the floor plan we liked, with the idea that we could upgrade when we made more money. Over the years we have and we even added on. There is much that needs to be updated and so forth, the kitchen being one, but we have the basics of what we needed and in the next 12 years, we’ll update. I figure if this is the home we’re in until we retire, we’ll do it a bit at a time. No rush.

  2. if you build, you should hire my company to design your house. /shameless begging!

  3. or, you could just have an entertainment center built to fit your TV. ..

  4. Bou, that sounds like a great plan, very similar to what we’ll probably do.

    WB, can we *afford* your company to design our house? Custom designs have to be expensive, right?

    Sarah, that sounds expensive. :)