I like to scare myself

Every now and then, I do stupid things. Nooooo, you say. It’s not possible! But you’re the Lovely and Talented SarahK! I’m also a teeny bit clumsy, airheaded, and goofy. You know, from time to time. And sometimes my ditziness means that I do something that terrifies me — just so I can make sure my heart can pump at ten times its normal speed.

Occasionally, I like to scare myself by setting off the old ADT home security system. There are certain windows and doors that set off the system without that little beeping warning that lets me know that I have less than a minute to enter the code and turn off the alarm. And believe me, I have opened every one of the no-warning entrances at some point or another. When it was actually cool enough this spring to keep the windows and back door open, I decided to get up early one morning and throw open the windows and let the breeze wake me. Aaaand I started with one of the windows that the ADT alarm system has set on panic mode. It scared the pee out of me, but y’all should have seen Frank. He was still asleep, and suddenly the home security system was wailing. I just started yelling my apologies while I bolted for the code panel. “Sorry! Sorry! I’m an idiot!” Thing is, I think he just sat up (quickly, eyes wide open), heard me yelling about my stupidity, and went back to sleep.

Sometimes I throw open the patio door so the kitties can go play on the patio. They see me unlocking the door and come running. “Yay! Play time!” and then they jump as high as I do when the alarm starts blaring.

I’m a cutie-head.

One Response to I like to scare myself

  1. you’d think it would only take one beating.