I would like to go hiking, please

Preferably somewhere not muggy.

zion grand view
Zion National Monument, July 2003. This is right before Essay and I hiked the Grand Canyon. I went with Essay and her sister N. We drove Zion later with Essay’s parents, too. But hiking… you just can get the hiker’s view from a car window.

statue girls
Two silly girls (Essay and me), making rock statues at the place where everyone makes rock statues. After we splashed around one of the water pools.

4 Responses to I would like to go hiking, please

  1. Hiking in wet tennis shoes? ouch.

  2. No, we took our socks and shoes off for wading in the pools. Our jeans got wet, but our shoes were dry.

  3. Our next door neighbors named their kid Zion after the park.

  4. Yeah, I don’t think I could name a kid Zion. Too much to live up to, Jerusalem, city of David and all.