big as a house

My husband is so dumb it would blow your mind, ladies. Some commercial was talking about pregnancy weight gain or something like that.

SARAHK: I’ll bet when I’m pregnant, I’ll gain a ton of weight.
FRANK J. [happily]: You’ll be big as a house!
FRANK J.: Did you just say that? I didn’t say it!

Does it amaze y’all that he won my heart? Sometimes, me too. Most of the time, no, but then he opens his mouth. :-)

13 Responses to big as a house


    Fortunately you are not preggers, otherwise Frank would be a fond memory.

    I have 5 kids so I still don’t know how I am alive.

  2. Oh wow, that was one big faux pas. Good thing he has so many other endearing qualities.
    Thinking before speaking is clearly not one of them. LOL

  3. I actually laughed out loud. That is SO something my husband would do. Thank goodness they’re trainable, right?!

  4. A hint to Frank – the correct answer whenever your wife talks about how she looked in the past, how she currently looks, and how she’ll look in the future… “you’re beautiful”. *grin*

  5. i must defend my son-in-law. he is also the person that gets very upset when sarahk puts herself down. i heard him say one day “Stop talking about the person I love that way. She is beautiful”. aaawwwwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  6. I guess I’m weird. When I was pregnant, I was five foot in every direction (seriously), and got annoyed when my husband tried to tell me I wasn’t that big.

    “Don’t lie to me! I’m huge. It’s okay to say so.”

  7. I am sure you will be just like pregnant Christina Aguillera…

  8. Well, at least he knew he messed up. That’s a start. :)

  9. Yes my husband suffers from the foot-in-mouth disease quite often. He has given up trying to defend me from myself. In all fairness to him I am sure it is getting very old after 17 years.

  10. Been lurking around here enjoying your musings after lurking at FrankJ’s for lo, these many years. Don’t usually comment but just wanted to say I enjoy your site; so, there.

    Congrats to the baby parents.

  11. I’m sure he meant to say “mansion” or “palace” :-D

  12. Well… big as a house is right out, but you would have a temporary tenant. ;)

    And no, I don’t suppose I’ll survive if my wife is ever pregnant. Maybe there’s a support group or something for us clueless blurters.