After seeing so many football players get away with so many reprehensible things and be allowed to keep on playing, I’m overjoyed with the news that Michael Vick has been suspended indefinitely by the NFL. I do think they left something out of this, though:

“Your team, the NFL, and NFL fans have all been hurt by your actions.”

And, um, the dogs. They were hurt, too. (In the previous sentence, Vick’s actions are called “cruel”; I just thought that of everyone hurt by Michael Vick, the dogs were hurt a lot worse than everyone mentioned above.)

So. Now that that’s settled, can we throw this guy and his friends in the pen and forget about him forever? Kthx.

5 Responses to rot

  1. Let’s see what happens in five years. If he is still a pariah then you will be right, but I don’t expect “standards” from a sports organization.

    I get in to arguments over Pete Rose and the Hall of Fame. My stance is that he was banned for life therefore he should only be admitted posthumously. I’m not saying to ignore what he accomplished just don’t let him have the satisfaction of knowing he made it.

  2. What makes me laugh is that several sports figures have been charged with worse crimes than this but it was never given the press that this did. Vick will probably serve more time than people who have committed murder or rape.

  3. Lukie makes a good point.
    I’m just in disbelief that a guy that had everything going for him…his whole life ahead of him, would do such a thing.
    Not to mention that I share Sarah’s revulsion at the cruelty to animals.

  4. He’ll get picked up by a team after his term is over. There will be an outpouring of protest, then he’ll make some spectacular play and people will forget.

  5. Throw that awful DMX in the same rabid dog pen as Vick. Authorities were called to investigate animal cruelty claims at his home this weekend, and found a half pound (roughly 1/4 of a kilo) of an unnamed substance in his residence.

    When do the so-called “black leaders” renounce the thug culture that is so pervasive and stop making excuses for people like Michael Vick (a big “shout out” to the NAACP, Jamie Fox, etc.).