bad timing

Frank and I took a load of stuff over to storage this afternoon. When we were pulling out, I was driving, so I said, “Hey, why don’t you use this bag and sack up the trash around your feet.” We’re very clean, you see. So Frank sacked up a ton of trash, took all the empty bottles and cans, and yay! I had room for my last black cherry soda. Then Frank said, “I’m going to take this roll of paper towels inside, too.” I said, “Yeah, we don’t need them in here.” Of course, you know that means I would shortly need one.

I dropped Frank off at home so he wouldn’t have to go on the ridiculous number of errands I had planned. I’m so considerate.

Later, I was taking the exit to go to one of the errand places, and at the same time, I was taking a drink of my coke (they’re all coke). Well, I was wearing my wrist brace, because my wrist has just decided to stay perpetually wonky — if I bend it at all, the pain is not fun. And the wrist brace kinda keeps me from having a firm grip on anything as big as a coke can (I have enough trouble with pencils). So I had the left hand steering me onto the exit ramp (the exits around here don’t get clogged, so I was pretty much the only person on the ramp, endangering no one with my one-handed driving), and in my right hand was the coke, and it just slipped right through my little fingertips on its way back to the cupholder. And the drink didn’t just bounce around a little and spill a bit of liquid… Oh no. The full can landed upside-down on top of the gear shift console and spewed out half its contents onto the area around the shifter.

After I helplessly watched the coke seep under the shifter console in massive quantity (I was stopped at the light by this time), I called Frank.

SARAHK: Hey sweetie. Today was a really bad day to take the roll of paper towels out of the car.
FRANK J.: Why’s that?
SARAHK: I just spilled half my cherry soda all over the gear shift and the space below it where the P/R/D/N/1/2P/R/N/D/1/2 are. And I looked around, and no paper towels with which to sop.
FRANK J. [laughing at me]: BAD sweetie. Is the car still running ok?
SARAHK: Yeah, it hasn’t shorted out or stopped driving so far.
FRANK J.: You’ll have to clean it up later… you know, with water so it’s not sticky.
SARAHK: Yeah, I know I need to use water.

The rest of my coke was, of course, flatter than a SarahK off gluten, but I did make it through the rest of my errands with little incident. Wild Oats was out of the Black Cherry soda, though. I sad.

9 Responses to bad timing

  1. I know the feeling. Everytime I take the bucket out of the car because I think my son has finally outgrown the “car sickness” thing, I find out–nope at the age of 10 he still gets car sick on a regular basis and distance means NOTHING. If the bucket is in there bouncing around he won’t need it for months. Remove that bucket and a block from the house……. you get the picture.

  2. You’re lucky… my husband wouldn’t have laughed! ;)

  3. Just this morning I was leaving Starbucks with my lovely triple shot soy mocha and hit a bump which splashed said drink through the teeny drink opening and on to the center console. (not quite an entire cherry coke but still sticky and messy *sigh*).

    Luckily I grab a bunch of napkins on occasion and stick them in the side pocket of the door down near the floor. This means I generally have something to sop up the mess, but it’s such an annoyance. Heh.

  4. oh man, I hate it when that happens!
    O/T, I was at Publix last night, and there was one of those cardboard thingies on top of the deli counter. Did you know that Boar’s Head Ovengold Turkey Breast is gluten-free?

  5. It turns out that a cup of orange juice, placed onto the dash board while you climb into the car, will also spill. The OJ will seep into the cracks around the odometer and other gages on the dash board. And even though you think you have sopped up all the juice, after baking in the Florida sun for a few hours, the smell when you get into the vehicle for lunch will remind you of the time you were a child and vomited OJ in a department store. And you will loathe your commute.

  6. yet another reason to appreciate older cars where virtually everything is mechanical without electronic components — just spray it down thoroughly with WD-40, park it with the windows open to air out the fumes, and no harm done. somehow, I doubt you will be this lucky…

  7. It doesn’t scare me that you scared soda into your gearshift and so at some point your car may be stuck in reverse when you’re trying to go forward. It DOES scare me that your car has reverse and drive right next to each other, instead of having a nice neutral between them for those times when you accidentally pop your car out of drive.

  8. Oh, and I’m very impressed that you fixed your comments :D

  9. It took me a ridiculous amount of time to figure out what P/R/N/D/1/2 was. I thought the P = paper towels and N = napkins, and the /1/2 was one of your magical numbering systems. And then I thought, “SarahK must spill lots of stuff in the car, to have her cleanup system down to an acronym”, and then I realized I was crazy.