we ate bagels!

Who needs wheat when you can have tapioca and rice flour bagels? They taste at least as good, and I can eat them! Frank had his with fantastic-looking cream cheese, and I just dashed on Louisiana hot sauce since I can’t have cheese for now. Never have I missed cheese so much (the hot sauce was fine, but that creamy goodness would have been even better).

In other news, Fred Thompson met the Hate-Filled Lefty.

4 Responses to we ate bagels!

  1. bagels with hot sauce? Um, OK.

  2. where do you get rice flour or tapioca flour bagels. I’ve found tapioca bread (very good, reminds me a bit of sourdough but better)

  3. Congrats on winning this weeks PayU2Blog $100 drawing!

  4. No cheese? :-( I’ve been away from the PC for a bit – did I miss something important?