notes about nothing

  • So… I’m almost done with all the filing, and then I’ll be caught up and never get behind forever. Seriously, I’ve been behind on my filing since about… oh… 1998? So yeah. This will be a good thing.
  • What else… Frank is finished painting all the doors. As soon as I’m finished packing up everything in the livingroom (the last room with *stuff* in it), Frank can paint the livingroom trim, and I can pack away the last few things in the garage.
  • I love Super-Fantastic Ultra Wish Time on “The Soup”. The little head that goes, “Eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-ehhhhhh”? Makes me laugh out loud every single time.
  • I found my poetry. Even my big poetry notebook from high school. Ech, I used to be so maudlin. But the stuff from when I was going through my ugly divorce doesn’t suck. I also found a concept for a novel that I kind of… er… backgrounded. I don’t even have a full concept. But I do have main characters, setting, etc. I might go back to it someday. I’ve started several over the years. I think I lost a few when my computer crashed. I have one on Frank’s laptop… The thing is, I’m ready for our lives to settle down so I can write earnestly. Write my novels. I’m a good story teller. Terrible at coming up with the story, but good at the narrative and dialogue.
  • Moving… we’ll go wherever the road leads. We’ve looked at several places. Amarillo — not gonna happen, though it is my favorite place ever to have lived. Phoenix real estate is tempting — decent prices, close to the Canyon and other hiking… but… no grass, no four seasons. Austin is great but still humid, and I fear we won’t do outdoorsy things once we get there because of the humidity and distance from the desert. Idaho… the only drawback I see is that we’re not close to my family and friends. But close to Frank’s family, in the desert, hiking everywhere, parks everywhere, so close to a ton of national parks, four seasons… It will all depend on a couple of factors, but I guess y’all can tell where I’m leaning.
  • Tonight I was burning candles on the wall sconces in the bedroom. I decided they’d been burning long enough (I could see them from my position in the sitting area), so I went into the bedroom to put them out. I heard a drip, drip, drip. Put out both candles. Still, drip, drip, drip. I knew where this was going… Sure enough, there was a massive pile of wax on the carpet, drips on the wall, splatters on the back of the bed frame. Thank goodness for irons and goof-off. We’ll see if the iron works before I try the goof-off (which could potentially bleach the carpet). Good thing I haven’t thrown out the iron. I’ve considered it. I never use it….
  • I’ve been making decent meals lately, and one of the best ones I’ve made recently? Gave us both heartburn. Too bad, that. Oh well. It was particularly inspired, too.
  • We’ve finished BSG, seasons one and two. Watched season five of
    “Friends” (BJ’s had it for $17). Now we’ve moved on to season one of LOST. So. We either have to buy more TV DVDs or move on to the movies.
  • I’m almost done with the next chapter of Harry Potter. Sorry I’ve gone down to posting one at a time, but we’re so busy. And ready to get out of here.
  • Ya know, I love Pier 1 candles — they smell so yummy — but they sure don’t burn well. My Tar-zhay candle that I bought on clearance for $3.88 burns so much prettier. And there is nothing more frustrating (in the candle world) than a pack of Party-Lite tealights that have off-center wicks and therefore only burn for about half an hour instead of six hours. Brutally disappointing. Ta, musees. I’m internetted out for the day.

10 Responses to notes about nothing

  1. if you are really considering phoenix then avoid the west side of the valley because it’s a high crime area

  2. When you’re using the iron on the wax, are you also using brown paper bags? They soak up melted wax from all SORTS of surfaces. Ahem. Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything.

  3. not that it matters but my vote would be Idaho! (mainly cuz I got married there and I’ve never been to TX so I can’t compare…)plus I just found out one of my friends is moving to Austin…in like 3 weeks, so I do harbor a grudge against it at the moment.

  4. Be very careful with the iron on the carpet it will melt it in a heart beat. Lesson learned when the iron fell off the ironing board. What a mess.

  5. karen, we have considered Phoenix (I wouldn’t say it if it weren’t true), but we’re definitely not leaning that way. Earlier this year, it came down to Austin v. Phoenix (more like the eastern or northern suburbs), but the thought of leaving Florida (which has one season for ten months and a fall/spring hybrid for the other two) and going to another place without four seasons is a little depressing. Plus, Austin and Phoenix are bigger cities than I want to live in. Now, if Flag had engineering jobs and cheaper houses, we’d be all over it.

    AmyL, I’ve used brown paper bags, and I’ve used towels. It’s not my first time. :)

    akangel, I love Idaho. And poor Austin, people always hatin’. ;)

    Lukie, that is unfortunate. But I use low headheat, brown paper bags or towels, and check often to make sure I’m not ruining everything.

  6. I’m the same way about writing. Once I have an idea I am great but I am lousy at coming up with ideas.
    Small tip for after you move: If you move box three times without opening it, that includes from one side of the room to another, then throw it out unopened. If you really needed any of the contents you would have opened it already.
    In your answer to Lukie, I think you meant “heat” not “head” ;D

    [Yeah, yeah. :-P]

  7. :( :( It didn’t like my list formatting. Oh, well.

  8. If Phoenix is interesting, consider Flagstaff. Definitely 4 seasons, 7000 feet elevation – close to Grand Canyon. Also 4 hours or so the Bryce/Zion – the source of your blog banner photo, if I’m not way off base.

    University town, with all the good/bad that entails. Plenty of hippies for you and Frank to make fun of. More expensive than Phoenix with regard to housing. Don’t know what you are looking at or employment – you can blog from anywhere, but a “real” job might be tough – depending on skills.

  9. I’m curious why Amarillo is your favorite place to have lived. I know Palo Duro is there, but what else?

  10. jim h, Flagstaff has been my dream locale ever since I first hiked the Grand Canyon in summer of 2003. But way too expensive and no engineering jobs or accounting jobs.

    Philip, Amarillo is the only *dry* place I ever lived. When my coworkers said, “whew, it’s muggy today!” at 15% humidity, I knew it was the place for me. Palo Duro is a huge plus. Other huge pluses: my mom lives there, the mountains are only a few hours away.