best blog game ever 2.0

Best Thing Ever: America is going on at miss tracey’s place. I was knocked out of Best Thing Ever: England in the Round of 16, as I (Simon Cowell at the time) had the most unfortunate luck, going up against the Beatles and their ringer Andy Roddick.

This time? I (‘NSYNC, of course) am Justine Henin. I’ve already won a grand slam this year, kids. Watch out for me.

All I can say to my first competitor is… Bye Bye Bye.

5 Responses to best blog game ever 2.0

  1. Hahahahahahaha!

    You do have yerself a good player there, girl.

  2. I’m a huge fan of Justine Henin, but now I have to root against her. I mean really, is it a chick thing, or a generational thing, or what? Please explain N’Sync to me. I just don’t get it.

  3. cknight — yeah, it’s a little confusing if you haven’t checked the links to read how the game works.

    I invented this little game for Wimbledon. I asked 16 people to pick whatever they thought was the best thing ever to come out of England. One person said The Beatles. One person said the justice system. sarahk said Simon Cowell. And so on, like that.


    Once the course of play got down to 16 players, I took the names of those 16 players and put them in a bowl. I took the names of the 16 things and put them in another bowl. Each thing — say, Simon Cowell was assigned to a player in the tournament — say, Roger Federer. Your “Thing” was now attached to the fortunes of your “Player” in the tournament. And these “Things” now went head to head in matches. We had matches like:

    Jane Austen
    Monty Python


    The Beatles
    The Mini Cooper

    All because these things were attached to a Wimbledon player. And when it comes down to the winner of the tournament, we have the winner of The Best Thing Ever. Make sense? For England, it was Roger Federer/The Judicial System.

    So now we’re doing it with the US Open. For the best thing ever to come out of America, the adorable sarahk picked *NSYNC. This is her choice. ;-) When I pulled out a player’s name to go with *NSYNC, she got matched up — nicely for her — with Justine Henin. So right now, *NSYNC is kicking butt. They just beat “Opportunity” in the form of Dinara Safina. So sarahk’s a little ramped up and talking smack.

  4. *NSYNC is one of the best choices ever! My late 20s were spent obsessed with them and their music.

    And, yeah. It was a girl and guys-who-love-pop-music-and-great-singing thing. But still, anytime I hear their music, I smile, dance around, sing along. I heart *NSYNC.

  5. Thanks Tracey, I got the concept, I just didn’t understand why SarahK thinks NSYNC is one of “the best things about America.” Then again, I wouldn’t know one of their songs if I heard it, so I suppose I’m too quick to judge. Of course, no matter how good they are, they don’t come close to a chili cheese dog with mustard, onions and jalapenos.