A couple of nights ago we played Scattergories and drank hot tea right before bed so we would go right to sleep (decaf hot tea really does work!). We are hilarious, ridiculous, and crazy when we play that game. Here are some examples:

  • “Notorious People,” letter R… Frank said Richard Nixon, and I said Rachel Lucas. Hahahaha.
  • “Fruits,” letter R. We had the same fruit but different answers. I said red grapes, Frank said raisins.
  • “Things in a Medicine Cabinet,” letter R. Frank tried to answer “raft.” He said, “If it’s an inflatable raft, and you deflate it and make it really small, you can stuff it in a medicine cabinet.” I nixed that one.
  • “Halloween Costumes,” letter R. I said Ron Weasley, and Frank said Remus Lupin. That was awesome.
  • “Parts of the Body,” letter O. Frank: ova. SarahK: orifices.
  • “Things You Replace,” letter O. Frank: old people (so sad). SarahK: old boyfriends (I replaced mine pretty much every week at church camp).
  • “Villains/Monsters,” letter O. Frank: Orney ogre. He meant ornery.
  • “Things You Shout,” letter O. SarahK: “Oh noes!” Hahahaha.
  • “Famous Duos and Trios,” letter P. SarahK: Paula, Simon, and Randy. Frank: Paul and Oates. Hahaha. I disallowed that one.
  • “Vacation spots,” letter P. Frank disallowed Palestine for some reason. Hey, I saw the Gaza Strip from a distance when I went to Israel. Close enough. And he put Poland.
  • “Diseases,” letter P. Frank’s answer? Puss-filled pimples. I nixed it.
  • “Words associated with money,” letter P. I went with Paypal, of course.
  • “Things that you wear,” letter P. Frank’s answer, I’m not kidding: Preety pumps. Misspelled pretty and put girls’ shoes. He knew he misspelled it, though (when he read off his answer). My answer was panties. I’m really glad we didn’t have the same answer.
  • “Vegetables,” letter F. Frank, desperate for an answer, said Fred Thompson because people joke he’s so lazy. I said absolutely not and made him apologize.
  • “Types of Drinks,” letter F. Frank said fondue. Oy.
  • “Musical Groups,” letter F. This one isn’t funny, but I was so proud of my three-point answer, Five For Fighting.

I beat him, 45 to 44.

5 Responses to scatterbrained

  1. Ok, how old am I? On the duos and trios, letter P? Yeah, first thing in my mind – Peter Paul and Mary…..

  2. Wait a minute!! An orifice is not a body part. It is an opening.

    Tell Frank that we old people fight back when you try and replace us. (I might even eat my replacement.)

    I hope the apology you made him give was to the vegetables. ;)

    Actually I kind of like Thompson, for a Republican.

  3. I saw the word “Scattergories” and thought you were doing a HP post… because I misread it and thought it was “spattergroit.”

  4. Tammi, haha. No comment.

    Jim, orifice stands, because Frank did not challenge it.

    Gullyborg, next time we play Scattergories, I’m gonna try to work spattergroit in as an illness.

  5. Hey, isn’t a puss-filled pimple a pimple filled with kittehs? Tell Frank that the proper spelling is “P-U-S”, in my half-professional opinion.

    Also, I LOVE Scattergories. We should have some sort of online geeky Scattergories tournament sometime.

    Also, I had a hideous Dr. experience that I thought you’d appreciate. Apparently I DON’T have pancreatitis (my genes say otherwise, Dr. Stupid) and that I would only show up at the ER (for the first time in 6 years, mind you) because I’m jonesing for an IV painkiller fix. Ugh. Sorry to make this comment all about meeeeeee.