Wow, so I put us on a schedule that started Monday. Every day is mapped out in the extreme. What each of us is doing at each set time. We have gotten so much done. Packing, last bit of staging, applying for jobs, cleaning ceiling fans, cleaning out the fridge, cleaning up and cleaning out the garage, cleaning various parts of the house… Frank painted the first half of the garage today. Tomorrow, the other half.

We were sad Fred Thompson came to Florida today. If only it were next week. We hope he’ll wait to go to Idaho after we move.

What else. I saw the gastro, Dr. Awesome. My BP was 90/70. Weight? 159. So I gained three pounds from when I weighed at Publix, and I’ve only lost three total since going off gluten. BUT. Alice did show up today, and I already look less swollen and bloated in my face. Should I start expecting that now? Off gluten, I have cramps for a whole day instead of thirty seconds on gluten. Not a fan of that side-effect. And I bloat up horribly for about a week ahead of time. Never had that problem before. Ugh.

So. I told Dr. Awesome that all of my symptoms have drastically improved (migraines, hand pain, foot pain, nosebleeds, easy bruising, and more after getting off gluten, muscle aches and nerve pain and seizures after getting off all dairy and starting probiotics). But I still am constantly bloated, TMI ALERT!!!, have clinical diarrhea at LEAST 75% of the time, and spend twenty-four hours a day discomforted to the point of misery from the bloating and gas pains. Fun fun stuff. Dr. Awesome slipped to Dr. Awesome Minus (A- for short) because he said he’s completely satisfied with my improvement and doesn’t think I need to do anything else except maybe Immodium (I’ve been quite clear with him that bandaids are NOT okay). Dude, you heard the part about all that diarrhea, right? Because I can’t do overnight hikes in that condition. I’ll never be able to hike the Grand Canyon again if I’m just satisfied with the status quo. He was perfectly happy with everything though. Drs. amaze me. Anyway, the probiotics seem to be working their magic. I found gluten-free, dairy-free ones. So there you go.

I’ve put in several short breaks each day (funny, I barely have time to read blogs in that time, much less blog myself). Also Bible study every day, which we actually have to schedule in, because otherwise we keep saying, “We really should do that,” and we never do. Sad. And we have half an hour of playing games and drinking hot tea after 9:30 p.m., because no one is supposed to call after 9:00 p.m. (it really annoys us, we’re like, “Who died?”), and certainly not after 9:30 p.m. The first night we played Scattergories. The past two nights, we played one game of Phase 10. I used to be so addicted to Phase 10. And the last two nights, I had so much fun playing (though, admittedly, it’s more fun when there are three or four people playing). Tonight before dinner, Frank asked, “Can we play Phase 10 again tonight?” “I told you it’s addicting,” was my response.

Have had no time for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Monday I will be able to get back on it. Am reading Goblet of Fire at bedtime every night. We have half an hour scheduled for reading in bed. I usually fall asleep after ten minutes, and Frank can spend twenty or thirty on his comic books. Today I said, “Hey, maybe you should try reading books that have words.” “Comic books have words. They just have pictures, too.” Yeah, pictures that take about ten minutes to interpret. “What is happening in that picture?” “I think he’s falling off a building.” “Are you sure?” “Oh. Yeah. Because four frames later, someone mentions him falling off the building.” Then why didn’t they just say that??

Frank, a lifetime insomniac, has slept very well this week. I’m convinced it’s the hot tea. He isn’t sure.

Rowdi is scratching one of her n!ppl3s so hard that it has bled, scabbed over, and bled some more. I don’t know what to do for her. Watch this be the only part of the post that gets comments.

When we move to Idaho (Lord willing), we will become huge Boise State fans. It’s pretty much a requirement, especially if I want to stay in my in-laws’ good graces. Plus, they’re an easy team to like. I once knew a guy who was so obsessed with Tennessee football (because he went there) that he tried to recruit people. This was in the Texas Metroplex. I don’t think he converted many. But considering that Texas Tech and Boise State are the only college football games I’ve been to and bothered watching on TV (I’m a Cowboys fan, and it’s pro sports all the way for me, yo), those are the only teams in which I’m interested, and… BSU is much closer to Boise than Tech… yeah, I will actually become a big BSU fan. Once upon a time, my dear friend Scott told me that I would be a fan of the teams located in the city I live. That it was a requirement. No. I assured him, I will always root for the Metroplex teams. I suppose I’ve picked up a couple of college teams, but it’s still Stars, Cowboys, and bless my heart, the Texas Rangers. I liked the Mavericks when Mark Cuban wasn’t financing Loose Change the movie (which I think fell through), but now I can hardly stand to think about where all that Mavs money is going. I can’t wait to snark his Dancing with the Stars performances. Oh, and yes, the Metroplex still has metric football in the form of the Dallas Sidekicks, but… it’s so… metric.

I wrote my awesome Gloatation Boo-Bye Super-Fantastical Speech today. Finally. Go read it, it’s some of my best work ever!

Anyway. I’m late for game time. Ta!

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  1. I LOVE Phase 10!!! I used to play all the time with a couple of friends, before both of them moved away. We even had our own special words to really get a dig in against the other players :) Always worked, as soon as the word left our lips the eyes started rolling, hahaha.
    a suggestion for Rowdi- check this site out
    I have heard good things about it.

  2. Laura, Frank beat me in our second game last night. By five points! We were both behind on phases at different times in the game, but we finished Phase 10 together, and I went out, and I needed him to have 10 points in his hand, and he only had five. Grr.

    thanks for the site info.

  3. sarah,
    love your blog and I am so happy you’re coming to Idaho. We moved here a year ago and we love it. And please work harder on Rachel’s potty mouth!:)
    Thanks for keeping the Lord’s name out of it. I appreciate that some people still remember that it is a commandment!

  4. About the big D – Have you checked your cosmetics/shampoos/personal care products for gluten? Those are harder to nail down than food products and may not be thoroughly labeled. Does Frank eat gluten? He could pass it to you if you kiss him. Also, you may have another food intolerance, which may be temporary. For a few months, soy made me almost as sick as gluten. And then there’s the dairy aspect – most people with gluten intolerance are intolerant to dairy because the tips of the villi that are destroyed are where the dairy digesting enzymes are produced by your body.

    People who have atypical celiac – basically anything that’s not the classic highly positive blood tests and stripped villi, tend to actually be even more hypersensitive than your average celiac. That has definitely been the case with me.

    Sorry such a long comment. Hope you feel better soon.

  5. Nancy, the only cosmetic I might consume is my lipstick, and it is gluten-free. I don’t eat my shampoo and conditioner, but they are gluten-free as well. Frank went gluten-free when I did, and now he’s dairy-free too. (That one is because any time he has a significant amount of dairy he gets either bad heartburn or is exhausted for the next two days.) I’ve tried testing soy before, but I never got anything conclusive on that. Could be because I was still on dairy when I tried it. Last night I did get a short twingey migraine after having soy in my dinner, and I occasionally get heartburn if I eat skittles (which contain soy), but other soy foods have been fine for me. I’ve also tested corn. Haven’t tested nuts or eggs. I know the dairy thing is most likely temporary due to the gluten intolerance, but I think I’ll probably take at least two years off gluten before I’m back to normal. I think once it’s gotten to the point of epilepsy, it’s bad, positive biopsy or not.

  6. Carrie, thanks.

    Rachel’s potty mouth is her own; I have no control over that, nor do I want any. ;-)