bad squirrel!

This is for my blogdaughter Gradual Dazzle.

We had this little visitor show up a few weeks ago. Squirrels aren’t my favorite wildlife, but they are wildlife, so I started snapping pictures. I thought he was so funny, crawling around on our porch screen… until I realized that those streaks running down the screen were squirrel pee. Bad squirrel peed on our screen!

I was appalled. And now you can be too.

5 Responses to bad squirrel!

  1. Yes, it’s appalling that nature runs its course while we’re trying to make cutesy pictures.

  2. Heh. A seagull single-handedly (or single-wingedly) ruined the first fifteen minutes of our honeymoon video in similar fashion.

  3. Jim, I wasn’t appalled by that. I was appalled by his peeing on our screen. I didn’t invite him onto the screen for pictures.

    nightfly, isn’t that the way it goes?

  4. Sarah, you missed the point of my tongue in cheek remark. I was saying that you shouldn’t be appalled by the squirrel acting like a squirrel: peeing where ever it happens to be. :D :D

  5. “Squirrel Pee” would be an excellent name for a rock band.