no respect

Horrible people in our county. And not just the people burning cars. Check out the comments. lilsunshine is a nice example. No compassion, just “Oh great. They’ll probably just leave the cars where they are.” Forget that these people just lost their cars and could have lost their homes and their lives. And the comments are all about code enforcement and basically calling people who live in Palm Bay trash just because they don’t live in Melbourne Beach. Snobbery in its most refined state. Newsflash, Melbourne Beach: even with your big mansions on zero lot lines, you still have ugly cabbage palms all along A1A and ugly ceramic tile roofs, so your community is as ugly as any other around here. Had it been your cars set on fire, I suppose you would have been victims, but since the city these people live in is not up to your standards of wealth, the people deserved it. Nice.

And some people actually wonder why I try to avoid people when I can.

One Response to no respect

  1. Wow. I read those comments and just sat here shaking my head.

    People disgust me. OBVIOUSLY they don’t know what it’s like to HAVE to live where ever you can. Location does NOT always indicate social status.

    That was something I had to deal with when I first moved back up here. Goin’ from gated/golf course to Piece of junk in a horrible area. Talk about culture shock. And it was because of the way people judged me….

    I could go on and on, but I’ll just leave it with – arrgghhhh……