honeymoon cruise – Costa Maya

Eventually I want to get around to doing a day by day account of our Caribbean cruise (the Nightfly had posted his within a week of his honeymoon, but hey, it’s only been just under two years since ours). That will probably be a long endeavor, so for now I’ll give you another piece. For our second stop, we were supposed to go to Cozumel; however, Cozumel had a couple of months earlier been ravaged by Hurricane Wilma, so our cruise ship (along with the Carnival cruise ship that had been following us since Key West) got diverted to Costa Maya. And our mere half-day in Costa Maya kept Frank from donating blood for a year.

Costa Maya from our veranda

The weather, which had been perfect everywhere else, was a little gloomy in Costa Maya, but we didn’t care, and neither did any of the other tourists. We were underdressed in shorts and short sleeves, because it got a little chilly when the wind picked up. We hadn’t chosen any excursions for this locale, so we spent the day doing our Caribbean shopping (we had refrained from shopping until Mexico) and eating bad food (something I didn’t expect in Mexico, actually).

we goofed while we ate bad food
The guy behind Frank’s left shoulder apparently thought I was taking a picture of him, so he mugged for the camera.

This is the day Frank bought his man-with-no-name poncho and I bought my Mexican vase. While we shopped, we were delighted by the Mexican folk dancers.

Mexican folk dancers

Frank was also happy to see the Cuban cigars (shudder), and I was excited about the jewelry, until I saw that it was not as cheap as I would expect cheap Mexican jewelry to be. I was a little worried by the insane number of women going into a tequila store (I really hoped they were on the Carnival ship) — until I saw that they were all just going in to buy pure Mexican vanilla. Giant bottles of it.

On our way back to the boat, we stopped by the beach to check out the fossils and the fishies.

Costa Maya beach


Then we went back to our stateroom so Frank could give his new poncho a whirl.

the man with no shame

5 Responses to honeymoon cruise – Costa Maya

  1. Yay! Pictures. Looks like it was a lot of fun.

  2. Truthfully, I never actually finished my account… mostly because the only pix we got back were mostly awful. I forgot the digital and we were stuck with those single-use dealies.

    Your shots look beautiful!

  3. You guys are just so darn cute!! Can’t fault that other guy for starting at the lovely and talented SarahK. :)

  4. That should be “staring” – good grief…

  5. Be careful of pure Mexican vanilla. It is not allowed to be imported in to the US because they use a chemical – “rapcaicin,” something like that – to extract to the vanilla from the bean. This is actually a rat poison, a chemical that causes internal bleeding. Of course as far as I know no one has died of using Mexican vanilla, but there is a reason we don’t allow its import. As a Watkins vanilla lady I know these things.