and another thing!

Don’t be lazy! Show me pictures of the inside of the house. Yes, the outside is important, too, show show me that, but seriously. If you have no pictures of the inside of the house, I just go right on ahead and assume that there is something dreadfully wrong.

3 Responses to and another thing!

  1. Oh, I ran into this when I was condo shopping. They’d put up picture after picture of the OUTSIDE of the flippin’ building! And often not one of the inside of the actual condo! Yeech.

  2. interiors are so important.

  3. One problem with interior shots often is a lack of perspective. Real estate agents are masters at photographing from angles that “maximize” (distort) the dimensions of the rooms. Use objects with relatively standard dimensions (sofas, floor lamps, etc.) in the photos for more accurate perspective.