long overdue

I get to have my hair done today! It’s almost to my waist, and my highlights are waaaaay grown out. I’m getting it cut to my collarbone and getting the highlights overhauled. I’d show y’all the before picture if it weren’t so embarrassing. I just may post an after picture, though, depending on how it looks…

4 Responses to long overdue

  1. I hope it comes out looking Fabulous!

  2. when i was little, my best friend’s mom had beautiful blonde hair down to her waist. i was madly in love. the day she cut it, i died a little.

    my point being, i’m sure you look wonderful either way, but long hair isn’t something to be scoffed at!

  3. Can you reward your readers with just ONE before picture? Long hair is as beautiful as it is a pain to deal with. :D

  4. yay, pictures! We want pictures.