fat kitteh!

Omen went back to the vet for her leukemia booster shot. She has gained two pounds! She’s now the fattest of our cats. She also got her belly shaved so the vet could look, again, for the spay scar. He still couldn’t find it. So he did an ultrasound to see if she’s pregnant, and he saw nothing. He did the ultrasound because she’s gained two pounds in two weeks. Kind of a lot for an eight-pound cat (who is now ten pounds). Well, at least no kittens! Whew!

We’re supposed to put food up high for the other kitties and feed her rations. I can’t imagine not letting a kitty eat whenever she wants! What’s funny is that she’s on the indoor cat healthy food that the other cats *lost* two pounds eating. I guess we’ll have to figure something out.

And now… for Rachl Lukis, who put me on to lolsecretz (prof. in both links)…

i purrtend

5 Responses to fat kitteh!

  1. maggie katzen

    heh, that look. I have seen it.

  2. Ha ha, there IS something crafty about that look!

    I can’t believe she gained that much weight, so fast. At least she doesn’t look pathetic and thin anymore. But somebody tell that kitteh there’s a healthy balance.

  3. well if Omen hadn’t been eating regularly 2 lbs gain might not seem so much.

  4. Maybe she will level off since she has access to food all the time now. She has really filled out beautifully, shes a very pretty girl.

  5. omen?! when the heck did you get that cat!