No, seriously

Not by choice, I’m watching the Republican debate. Fred Thompson answered his first question fine, he said we need to keep taxes low and get spending under control. The second question, for me had me yelling juuuuuuuust a teensy bit. Something along the lines of, “20% of new mortgages in Michigan foreclosed last year. Is it the government’s job to fix this, or is it the job of private enterprise?”

I’m sorry, I don’t see Option C, so I’ll just tell you, Miss Crazy Lady. It’s the job of the people taking out the mortgages to not take out mortgages that are more than they can handle. And I mean people need to really think about it before they sign those papers. Is this well-within our budget? Have we even done a budget? Can we afford the property taxes and insurance? Can we also afford to put aside just-in-case savings each month so that if something happens, we have a way to pay the mortgage for up to a year? If you don’t have a backup plan for paying your mortgage, don’t take it!

Ooh, how fun! Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani are sniping at each other! And now it’s turned into the GiuliRomni show. When does Fred talk again?

HEY! NO SLAMMING YOUR GOLF CLUB INTO THE FAIRWAY JUST BECAUSE YOU MADE A BAD SHOT! It’s more exciting to watch the golfers out the window than to watch this debate. Frank just yawned and said, “Man… I’m sleeeeepy.” I said, “Well, you’re watching a debate.” “A debate about economics.” Well, there’s your problem.

Blast from the past! My number one VP candidate, Mike Huckabee, just said something like, “We’ll get our britches beat!” I wish people still talked like that, and I’m not even joking.

Okay. We stuck with it after the first commercial break, but we are falling asleep over here.

And in case you’re wondering. Ron Paul is still koo-koo. “Our overseas empire.” Haha. How does that guy even button his shirts and zip up his pants?

Oi. We’re outta here.

10 Responses to No, seriously

  1. I definitely agree with your comments regarding the mortgages. It’s like blaming the credit card companies for your credit card debt.

  2. Ditto everything you said, except I’m partial to Duncan Hunter for veep (I’m voting for him in the primary, assuming he’s still in the race, even though it’s likely a wasted vote). By the way, if you get photos or video of morons beating up the golf course, you might get them banned. No sense them spoiling things for everyone else. And I don’t even golf — it’s the principle of the thing.

  3. Can we wait with this “don’t have the government pay mortgages” until they’ve made just a couple of my payments? After that, I’m all for it. Of course, a “have the government buy you a Triumph TR-6″ would be good, too. Can you make mine red?

  4. My sis lives in MI, and they too have too big a mortgage for their “budget” its sad really. I was just there visiting and there are, not kidding, like 10 – 20 houses for sale in every neighborhood. I guess taxes are crazy there but I agree, it’s not the govn’t job to fix. Oh, when I was there, the governor was going to shut down the government…crazy lady. Not that I’m knowledgeable on politics but that doesn’t seem like a logical solution.

    Oh and I like how you were able to link that shirts site into your post…very SarahK ish :)

  5. Ahhhhh, but this is Michigan! Land of the victims. But wait, we’ve got the unions to come to the rescue. And their best friend, the Guv’nor Herself. Yeppers, things are grrreeeaaaat here in the Wolverine state. And why shouldn’t we get bigger mortgages than we can afford? After all, we deserve to have the biggest loans the market will bear, right?

    Seriously, it is really bad here. 10-20 homes for sale per neighborhood isn’t an exaggeration. And I live on the side of the state that’s seeing a tiny bit of recovery (read: the conservative side). And yes, we nearly had a government shutdown last weekend. I was rooting for it, but alas, the idiots decided to impose sales tax on services.

    This Saturday my boys and I were selling popcorn for Scouts and an older guy stopped by to chat. He said he couldn’t buy from us because then he’d have to buy from his grandson. Then he gave us a small donation. I teased that it wouldn’t hurt to buy from both and he said he’d gotten his last paycheck last week and he’s not sure what’s going to happen now. I offered my sympathy, and he said “As long as we have this governor, things aren’t going to change. And it’ll take a lot of time with a new governor to get things right again. I’m too old to benefit from that improvement.”

    It still floors me how much that stinks.

    That’s another problem here: the group of people currently in their 50′s who got out of high school and went to work in the factories thinking they’d earn huge bucks and have great retirements. Now they’re getting laid off in droves, and don’t have the education, training, or youth to compete effectively.

    That really stinks too. It’s not just the governor’s fault there. People believing that the unions would protect them from reality is one of the roots of the problem. That may explain the whole mortgage thing as well.

  6. Go Rudy Go! Go Rudy Go! He clearly won the debate.

  7. Too many young couples believe that they should begin their adult life with the exact same standard of living that their parents worked hard their entire lives to achieve. When it blows up in their faces, they can’t blame themselves, it must be someone else’s fault.

  8. If you get a mortgage that is above your capability of paying but not above your capability of knowing that it is a mistake, then why should my tax dollars pay to bail you out? Unbelievable that we have become a nation of handouts. Where is mine?

  9. Well, the Ladybug and I are saving up for a house for a year or two. By then we should have no debt whatsoever anywhere else and a solid down payment. Clearly, the government isn’t doing a good enough job, or we’d be able to go into gravity-bending hock RIGHT NOW.

  10. President Fred Thompson.

    Vice President Condi Rice.

    Secretary of State Newt Gingrich.

    Secretary of Defense Duncan Hunter.

    Attorney General Rudy Giuliani.

    All other positions are irrelevant.