for the record, I am not his girlfriend

Some guy over in the GameSpot forums is claiming to be my boyfriend. Frank just said, “I’m pretty sure he’s not.” Me too!

And what’s even funnier is that RamboSymbiot (apparently Canadian) got caught by jt222_us.

Um…. two questions. Is that pic of her and the gun 3 years old and do the two links listed below create any suspicions as to the credibility of this posting? Are the two links of the same lady? Just wondering? Because according to the ‘about me’ section of the 2nd link, the lady says she’s married and doesn’t go off rambling about guns???

Hahahaha! I do love me some guns, though.

And it’s an S&W .357 magnum, if you must know. It’s not mine, it was just for the pics. I prefer my Walther P99 and Mr. Shiny, the 1911 that sleeps next to me. And my little carry revolver (Taurus SS Ultra-lite snub-nosed .38 special) is pretty great too.

I just can’t tell y’all how amused I am by this.

Thanks for stopping by, fellas!

UPDATE: Welcome, GameSpot peeps (sorry, don’t know if you have a special name)! I’ve been following the thread over there, and I will answer your questions.

*That is a real picture, not fake. The gun is real, not fake. There are many more pictures of me modeling my husband’s tshirts over here.
*You can buy the t-shirt here (no oogling my sister!). And this is why Nuking the Moon is a realistic plan for world peace.
*I have pretty decent aim. I am, after all, a girl. :-D
*I do have a concealed weapons permit, and I do carry. Because self-defense is logical.
*My husband (not Rambo) buys me guns for Christmas. Ok, one he bought me, the other one he gave me (in a most harrowing way).

25 Responses to for the record, I am not his girlfriend

  1. that’s too funny!

  2. Well, those pics are pretty hot.

  3. That’s hilarious.

  4. The Tubes of the Internetz are filled with morons who think no one else can check links. You do look good, though. But then you are the Lovely and Talented SarahK ™.

  5. heh.

  6. if only you weren’t so incredibly captivating…….


  7. how’d you find out?

  8. Haha, thanks, y’all.

    wRitErsbLock, I found out through sitemeter, of course! The guy who posted the message that I have in blockquote above posted a link to my old typepad blog and then a link to my mm about me page. It’s bringing me nice traffic and much amusement.

  9. What’s really funny is how many of them think you’re too dainty to shoot a gun. I think they’d be in for a rude shock

  10. LOL… he probably plays “Dungeons & Dragons” in his basement and claims (and perhaps even believes) that any picture he comes across of an attractive female is his “girlfriend.” For real. :)

  11. @raving lunatic : who said shes to dainty to shoot a gun on Game Spot?

    and yeah lol rambo symbiot is a bit of a notorious idiot on the Gamespot forums :P since being found out by jt222_us he has gone offline and stopped responding to PM’s !!!

    nice one :P

  12. oh, and SarahK, just think… he could have gone with someone like Veronica Zemanova, but instead he chose YOU!


    Do you feel special? Or just kind of… dirty?

    Oh well, based on the comments in that thread, I’d say 99% of the people reading it would be afraid to come after you. That count’s for something, right?

    It could have been worse… he could have chosen Risawn instead…

  13. You will note that while many of the Game Spodes were iffy on the gun, most all of them liked the T-Shirt. You should create an GS account, log on, and strike while the iron is still hot. All those unsold “Nuke the Moon” shirts will be flying off the shelf, and you won’t have to tote them to Idaho.

  14. lmfao online detective

  15. He puts you down on the 2nd page. Says you forgot what type of gun it was, cause you’re ditsy!

    Time to do a Jay and Silent Bob, and tell him what type of gun it is in person lmao!

    I agree, you should post in the thread, and tell everyone where to get the shirt! ;)

  16. sorry, I think you are his girlfriend. Too bad that no one else on Earth knows about it except his Mom.

  17. I went to his page and told him off— ( I told him not to mess with you because you are more dangerous than the gun could ever be ) hehe

  18. Francesco Poli

    I posted the link back to this thread in the GS forums BTW. What a bunch of losers. In my times, you didn’t lift someone’s pic off the Internets when you wanted to act like you had a girlfriend – you just made her up of whole cloth!

    Mmmmh, SarahK’s sister… ogle! j/k :D

  19. Yeah, I can see you’re getting more traffic. You went from Cute Rodent to Marauding Marsupial.

  20. Daniel – Forgive me if I paraphrased, but:

    Hungry_Bunny (about 4th post down): “She’ll probably fly through a wall after firing that.”

    Sharten (bottom of 1st page): “shoulda got a deagle so even if she tried to use it on you she would probably break her wrists trying to shoot it ”

    I didn’t go much further than the first page; my time (and brain cells) is too valulable.

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  22. you can tell those people were a bunch of retard liberals, i could tell by first glance that was a .357 magnum. and as far as the [stupid idiot face] that said you werent good looking… well he’s obviously gay because your beautiful.

  23. He probably sent this picture of you to “Real Doll” and had them MAKE you his “girlfriend.”

  24. Bwahaha! I want a fake internet boyfriend! Nevermind, I don’t even have time for my real boyfriend. Still, how hilarious for you.