Frank fixed my car!

And we may keep it after all… we’ll know more in a few days. She just needs a new windshield and a tuneup to run fine for another little while. And the tires have another 30K miles on them. If I can take the steam cleaner to the interior, I could theoretically drive Pinky for another couple of years. She doesn’t have 4WD, but I think I can do without that for a while. Right? I’d love to make it until 2010 with her, because that would be the ten year mark and we could have a decent chunk saved toward my next car by then… Of course, if I get knocked up before then, that will change, because we’ll want something more stable when we have kids.

Ya know it’d be great to just know *anything* right now.

4 Responses to Frank fixed my car!

  1. Awww…frank is a car fixer. that is good! this way you can have the cats and dog towed in your car by the moving van company. your car can be their motor home until they get to your destination! i know. you can thank me later for that idea….:)…what do you mean that would not be practical? huh?

  2. Did you know that there’s a huge spider camping out in my bathtub right now? And that 17 is a prime number? That’s two things. You’re welcome!

    By the way, I recommend waiting until you get where you’re going before replacing the windshield. The distance you’re looking at driving practically screams “stone chip.”

  3. Flying blindly by the seat of your pants is what keeps life interesting.

    And, you already know that everything works out in the end. Enjoy the roller coaster ride!

  4. in Florida, your insurance will replace your windshield for free.