Be not afraid. . . I do NOT have the baby bug!

This may be a sensitive post for some, as it is about babies, so continue reading at your own risk.

I definitely don’t have the baby bug… yet. I am finding them cuter and cuter every day, though. Is that a sign of anything? It seems like everyone is having babies or wanting babies these days, and I’ve kinda been feeling like an outsider until recently. I was looking at Helen’s pictures and reading the posts about birthing her babies, and I turned to Frank and said, “I wanna have a baaaaaby.” He looked at me and asked if I was serious. And he was grinning! Grinning! What the hay? I wasn’t telling him we should go shopping for baby bedding and curtains and brightly colored paints (oh, heck no, there will be no turquoise or pink rooms in our house) or anything like that; I was just making a comment because I was all teary-eyed over Helen’s Nick and Nora. Of course, I suspect he’ll be fine with putting a bun in my oven as soon as we’re settled in Idaho — he’s made comments as such before.

I mean, we’ve talked about the fact that we’d like to start having babies not too long after we get to Idaho… because, you know… I’m thirty-one. I am getting awful ripe for baby-bearing. All of my pregnancies, should I be able to conceive, will be high-risk as it is because of the epilepsy (and I’ll have to get off my seizure meds). And at least one baby (if we have three, or have two and adopt one, or have one and adopt two – ack! Did I give in to his wish for three babies? When did that happen?) will be an even higher risk pregnancy, because I’m hoping the babies will be two or three years apart.

We’d really prefer that our financial situation is stable and good before I get all large with child and we start looking at the crib bedding and mobiles. It would be nice to not have to worry about how we’re going to afford the college tuition savings, the clothing, the food, and even the kids furniture. But you know what they say. If you plan kids for when you think you’re financially ready, you’ll just never have them. I have a feeling that with me getting on in age like apples that need to be stewed instead of served raw, my age is going to be the biggest factor. We can only wait so long to get started…

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  1. When you and Frank get to Texas I have loaners. All sizes and models (16 years to 1.5 years).

    Just let me and the misses know. You have my email.

  2. if you ever get to AK you can borrow any or all of ours ages vary from 8 yrs to 17 months HEE HEE

  3. i am “getting on” also. i would like to be able to hold my grandchildren on my lap before they are able to ask “Grandma L, is that my diaper you’re wearing??” … just sayin.

  4. Ahh we (actually my wife) had two. I was involved, she was committed. Anyway, I euphemistically call them Alpha and Omega… which you will recognize as the first…..and the last! Both boys, the youngest is now 25. We married in 1978. She as 31 (I was 25. she robbed the cradle.) The first was born in 1981 and the second in 1982 some 17 months apart.

    So go for it! And remember the sole purpose of having children is so that one day they will have grandkids.

  5. Oh sweetie, I don’t know how to tell you this but that’s how it started with me. I was staring at stranger’s babies all the time and getting all teary eyed and weepy. Hubby thought it best if we waited till we were “ready” so for 4 long months I pouted :) He finally came to the realization that if you wait until you’re financially “ready” for a kid you’ll never ever have one. Now we have one little boy and are busy (and I do mean BUSY) workin on another.

  6. If, for some reason, you have issues with getting pregnant, I do recommend what my wife and I did. We went and became foster parents. We were lucky enough to adopt our first placement (two brothers), and are possibly working on adopting two sisters (assuming the state does what it’s supposed to). If you foster babies like we do, you’ll get to experience all the “joy” of midnight and 3am feedings, changing hundreds of millions of diapers, and watching them grow, calling you and Frank Mama and Daddy, getting attached to them, loving them, and being a positive force in their little lives. It is actually a very rewarding thing, and I’m glad we did this. If it weren’t for our having problems having our own, we never would have known our sons. And I thank God every single day for them. Every. Single. Day. They are definitely a gift from Him.

    As for how old you’re getting? Don’t worry about it. We’re pushing 40 now, as well as many of our friends. In our Sunday School class, there are three women who are all pregnant–and two of them are already 40. Absolutely no problems.

  7. Our son was a surprise, and that’s a good thing, because I think we still wouldn’t have kids if left to our own devices – we spent money like crazy, didn’t have immediate plans to buy a house, etc. Getting knocked up was a huge wake-up call. And my husband had decided he only wanted one, until our son was born and then he immediately said he wanted another.

    I wouldn’t mind having one more, but I think we’d need to wait until our daughter is in preschool since I end up on bedrest when I’m pregnant, and it’s really not fair to expect a kid to sit around all day while mommy lies on the couch. That’ll put me at 38 and my husband at 42 when we start trying again, and that may just be too old. Assuming we conceive immediately, which fortunately hasn’t been a problem for us.

  8. Oh, and one other thing – I’m not saying this is necessarily the RIGHT thing to do, but our kids are spaced 3.5 years apart with my son starting kindergarten as the youngest in his class, and my daughter will start kindergarten as one of the older kids in her class. This means she will start each grade four years after he does. Which means if we can get my son out of college in four years, we will only have to pay for one college education at a time.

    Plus he’s old enough to recognize that having a cute baby sister gets him some attention too, and that she can be pretty fun to play with now that she can run around. And he’s old enough to have had the mean taught out of him.

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    Why women who wait until their thirties ‘make better mothers’