bad Leno!

Jay Leno made fun of gluten-free pancake mix on his show. I heard people clap when he mentioned GF pancake mix. Frank and I said, “Hey!” when we saw it. It was Bob’s, btw. Jay said it should really be called “Mouth Grout.” Booo. Bob’s mixes are awesome. (Pamela’s are even more awesome.)

4 Responses to bad Leno!

  1. GF cooking has been getting some play on one of the local morning shows recently. The son of the weather guy has autism and he has learned that gluten may be a contributing factor to it. He has spent quite a bit of time discussing the challenges of finding foods that are gluten-free.

  2. Yes, gluten-free casein-free has shown very promising results for a long while in autism cases. That’s great that they’re giving it the attention it needs.

  3. funny thing is, I’d be willing to bet that Leno, despite his Harley-riding “I’m a tough guy” act, probably lives in things like organic tofu. I mean, he IS in Hollyweird and all…

  4. live ON things. not in. that would be TOO weird.