I dreamed a weird face

Yesterday was Piera day at the house of J. wRitErsbLock and sherlock and RTY came over, and I fixed linner (potato soup and crock pot “brisket”). Before linner, we played Wii (I got the youngest fitness age of all — 29! That’s younger than my real-life age! sherlock was the oldest, WB was second oldest, and Frank was second youngest.).

After linner was karaoke. I Dreamed a Dream that my hair would not be so funky in this video and that I would not emote with such ridiculous faces. What’s with the closed eyes, you freaky SarahK!?! You’ll want to turn it down. This was recorded on a picture camera, so it sounds like I’m busting the speakers. Go over here to see/hear WB want to go somewhere far… far… far… far from Skid Row.

Don’t judge me. I’ve never had any vocal training. And obviously, those drama classes in high school didn’t do much for my acting skillz.

14 Responses to I dreamed a weird face

  1. eh, you shouldn’t talk yourself down so much. I’ve heard and seen much worse in auditions.

  2. That was sooooooo good! I wish I could sing like that, unfortunately I got my mother’s tone deafness. Why oh why couldn’t my Dad’s genes win out on that gene battle (sigh)?

  3. my favorite part was when you hear RTY in the back ground, twice (because no one responded to her the first time) loudly proclaiming “Ouch!” when you hit a high note! You cannot hear sherlock shushing her. Poor kid. It’s tough to not be the center of attention all the time!

  4. and furthermore, I was pleased to only be 53 years old.

  5. Gosh – you were fine. Better than fine. We have to do a duet… you know, once I learn how to sing and play piano.

  6. maggie, thanks… i think.

    Laura, thanks! Sorry about the genes. Both of my parents sing well. My dad is one of my favorite churchy tenors (not operatic tenors).

    WB, my favorite part was when I inexplicably bounced, like I was precariously balanced and almost fell or something. I was sitting down! And last night we played again, and I was 58. Hahaha. It only lets you test your fitness age once per day, so I’m going to try again today.

    nightfly, you’re too kind. i, too, need to learn to play the piano. and the guitar.

  7. One of the most gorgeous songs ever, certainly among *the* most gorgeous ever on Broadway.

    As for vocal training that you didn’t have … you should have. By which I mean, *not* that you were bad, but that you were quite good enough that with some training you could be terrific. (Not too late for that, btw.) Good job! (I’m trained (and experienced) as a choral director, if you need my opinion cred. ;)

  8. PS In my opinion as knowing nothing whatsoever about your face other than what I see here, I don’t think it was a weird face. Eyes closed is not unusual and is both a) natural emoting of the words and b) normal reaction for something to do if you don’t know where to look. I.E. while you may have gone overboard due to b), it wasn’t weird.

    And this concludes far more analysis than you wanted of your very nice karaoke.

    My church is talking about having karaoke at the Halloween party this weekend. Fingers crossed that they will!

  9. the bounce was when either Omen or Rowdi insisted you pay attention to them. Off frame because you likely would have strangled me if I took video showing more than what I showed. I know you! You know, like how as soon as you grabbed my camera, I grabbed a pillow to hide behind!

  10. Your faces aren’t so bad. Once when I was in Songs for a New World with a woman who had musical theatre training in NY she suggested I put tape on my forehead and keep it there for the entire rehearsal. Apparently I always scrunch and/or raise my eyebrows when I sing. Always. Making me look in pain even during happy songs. With the tape I noticed…but I gave up because it was uncomfortable. The handful of horrible pictures that exist of me in mid-song during various theatrical productions or concerts captured an “I’m currently undergoing chemo and/or being squashed by something very heavy” expression on my face.

  11. I think you both did a fabulous job! Yay! :)

  12. that was beautiful sarahk. it makes your mommy cry because i am so proud and because it still knocks me off my feet to hear your beautiful voice and see your beautiful face. love you…you know…mode

  13. If you’re comparing this to Ruthie Henshall or Elaine Paige, it’s a respectable attempt.

    I’ve heard worse.

    Seriously, SarahK, you sounded good! Your propensity to hit the first note too hard can be cured with more listening to Ruthie Henshall and Elaine Paige, and less listening to the radio.

  14. As much as I hate to disagree with you, I should probably mention this: I have been seeing Les Miz since I was in grammar school (ie: 1994). I’ve seen it on broadway twice. On a good day, I can do every part (literally, every part… I can’t say I do them well, but you get the idea). So, I’m pretty well informed on the play, and how every song should go.

    You should be hired for the role of Fantine. Right now. Find where they’re doing it and audition. I’m not kidding.

    As for your “weird face”… well, I feel awkward telling a married woman that she’s pretty, so I won’t.