we fix things and then break other things

I’m making a list of things that *still* have to be done to the house. Mostly it’s just touchups, which I’ve decided are low priority right now. One that’s not quite urgent but still important is yet another faucet issue. Frank already fixed the Moen faucet in the guest bathroom (I was so proud of him!), but we seem to have created a new problem in the master bathtub. It took me a while to figure it out, because we never use that bathtub (it’s a garden tub and therefore extremely uncomfortable). But when I was cleaning it last weekend, I remembered that we couldn’t find one piece of the bathtub knob apparatus after we painted the wall behind it, so we just put it back together without that piece. Well, the knob now only turns about halfway in one direction and 1/4 of the way in the other direction. Cold is hot, hot is cold, and turning the water off is a pain, because you have to find the midnight position on the dial exactly.

I think I’ll put Frank on that today. That and bathing the stinky dog.

3 Responses to we fix things and then break other things

  1. and then send him to my house to fix the kitchen faucet.

  2. I usually just look over what parts are there, go to Home Depot and see what parts should be there, and then go over to the parts area and buy the missing parts.

  3. Garden tubs are uncomfortable? I enjoy a nice roomy tub, myself.