So . . . Rowdi and I will sleep listlessly tonight.

Ok, I probably won’t sleep, and since not sleeping means I’ll be up doing stuff, Rowdi will probably just lie around and watch me do stuff.

Frank should be in Idaho soon. I’ve missed him since before I left him at the airport — the first time. After I’d been gone from the airport about ten minutes, he called and told me I could come back if I wanted. I wanted. His flight was delayed, and the ticketing agent had told him not to bother going through the non-line at security yet, since there was nothing on the other side of security, and he had over an hour and a half to wait. So he called me, and I came right back so we could hang out for half an hour or so. And his flight still didn’t leave for another hour and a half after he went to his gate! Good thing he had a two hour layover, because he needed the cushion.

I’m going to lock all the cats in the garage tonight so I can let Rowdi sleep outside her crate. Of course, even without putting her in her crate, that’s where she’ll want to sleep. She loves her room. But she’ll be there to hunt bandits if they should come calling.

5 Responses to So . . . Rowdi and I will sleep listlessly tonight.

  1. You mean you don’t let her sleep with you? Meanie.

  2. Awwww. It’s never easy when you have to sleep alone, is it? Hope you get some solid rest for at least part of the night.

  3. I’m sorry, honey. I can’t sleep alone, either.

  4. that’s so sweet! unfortunate that you can’t sleep without your husband but nice that you like him so much!

  5. i am the same way when Pappy leaves town. can’t sleep. do other things to keep me busy. am glad when he returns. but no dogs sleeping inside. not allowed. no siree. no cats either.