what am I eating, you ask?

I’d love to tell you! I’m eating pretzels!


If you don’t understand why this is a big deal, we need to talk. But anyway, I’m eating pretzels! They’re a little crunchier than “normal” pretzels, but they’re pretzels, and they taste like pretzels, and I bought them for our cross-country trek.

Also for our cross-country trek, I have two twelve-packs of Clif Nectar Bars, three boxes of Pamela’s wheat-free, dairy-free cookies, three loaves of bread (I’ll make it ahead of time and they’re small loaves — we’ll go through an entire loaf in a day between the two of us), a pan of brownies (will also make those), peanuts for Frank, and a few bags of GF beef jerky. What else should we bring (I mean, besides the PB&J for the bread)? I have on my list: Starburst, Skittles (ick, not the smoothie ones, those are gross), pickles (for some reason they are so necessary on road trips), fresh fruit, cokes, natural cokes, water…

5 Responses to what am I eating, you ask?

  1. be sure to bring Rowdi and the catty crew. not for eating though. for eating go to Walmart and look at all their stuff. they have lots of gluten free stuff. just sayin.

  2. I find beef jerky (the good stuff, not the kind you get at WalMart)to be a necessity. That’s GF, right?

  3. Can you eat Twizzlers? They’re my favorite road trip snack.

  4. No. Twizzlers contain wheat. :(

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