idiots get free stuff

So my Amazon boxes arrived today. In one box were twelve bags of pretzels. Another box, Carrie Underwood. The third box was supposed to be thirty-six bars of Clif Nectar Bars, eighteen in one flavor, eighteen in another. Well, I took the two boxes of bars out of the box and left the box sitting there. And then I wrote this post, in which I said that I had two twelve-packs of Clifs. After I wrote the post, I realized I hadn’t checked the quantity on the boxes, so I went to check and make sure there were twelve in each box. There were nine.

So I went to Amazon, followed a million links to figure out how to contact customer service. I didn’t find any phone numbers, so I submitted a ticket. While I was link-jumping through Amazon, I realized I had ordered eighteen-pack boxes. So I had only half my order! I was a little annoyed, but since we have Prime, I wasn’t worried about getting the other half of the order soon enough.

Well, in the ticket, they don’t let you give any comments. You get to choose exchange or refund. I went with exchange, because there were no other options, and I couldn’t just send them an email saying, “Please just ship one box of nine for each flavor, and then you don’t have to pay for me to ship anything back.” Went through the whole process, and at the end, I was told to ship back the order I received with the shipping label provided and that customer service would be contacting me regarding shipment of the new order.

It took a while for customer service to email me, and while I was waiting, I was clearing out the boxes I’d received today. I picked up the Clif box and noticed it was heavy. Uh-oh. I opened it, and there was another box of nine for each flavor. I had received the entire order. I felt like such a butthead. Well, customer service still hadn’t responded about the next shipment. When they finally did, they told me that they were shipping thirty-six bars again. Also, due to health reasons, they didn’t want me to return the incorrect items (which, it turns out, were not incorrect). I could just dispose of those as I wished (in my belly). Oh, and the email was sent from an email address that could not receive replies.

I went back to my account to see what I could do. I mean, thirty-six bars? Roughly $50 (I got $10 off for buying two eighteen-packs). I felt sooo bad. I went to the orders that customer service had started. I was able to cancel one of the flavors, but the other one was being prepared for shipment and could not be canceled. In my cancellation of the first flavor, I was able to put comments, and I told them that I was really sorry about the mixup and had found the missing bars and to please bill me for the one flavor that was already being shipped. I have no idea if they will, but I guess it’s the best I can do.

Anyway, it’s official: I’m a dolt.

6 Responses to idiots get free stuff

  1. They use to have a phone number you could call that was next to impossible to find. Now if you want to speak with them over the phone you have to go to their “contact us” link in the help page; click the phone tab and you enter your phone number and they will call you.

  2. Their number still works. 800-201-7575. I use the on-line help when I can, but I still use the 800 number for things like this.

  3. I must admit that I didn’t even know Amazon sold food. They must sell durn near anything.

  4. Francesco Poli

    At least it was a honest mistake. I can’t get any but the smallest packages from Amazon UK without them coming in semi-destroyed and/or with a hand-shaped holes in them. At least I only once had stuff stolen. And I even use the (expensive) courier shipping.

  5. RightWingDuck


    You’ve figured out how we can all get free Cliff bars. When we do this to companies we’ll say they’ve been SarahK’ed!


    Seriously. I say there’s not much you can to at this point. I recommend you enjoy the bars but not to enjoy them too much.

  6. Enjoy them with some delicious Tuscan Milk!

    (if you haven’t already, look up the milk on Amazon and read the comments)