got my Monkeyface back

All safe and sound. I don’t know who was happier to see whom at the airport. I had a huge smile on my face, and he had his adorable Monkeyface grin on… We couldn’t stop smiling and hugging and kissing (not the gross PDA kind, the “I’m so happy to see my spouse” kind). And then outside the airport, I reached for Frank’s left hand with my right hand. He reached for my right hand with his right hand. I said, “What are you doing? I’m not trying to shake your hand. I’m trying to *hold* your *other* hand.” Then he said, “Hi. I’m Frank. Nice to meet you!”

I love him so much.

The last two nights I slept with the dog crate open, the kitties nearby (Rowdi couldn’t have been less interested in anything but sleep), four guns nearby (you never know how many you’ll need to fend off attackers, and if you have to leave the house, you want to make sure your car keys AND gun are in the purse), and the lamp on. The lamp was kind of on purpose, kind of not. Both nights I was reading Order of the Phoenix when my eyes closed tight, and part of me thought, “I’m too tired to get up and turn off the lamp,” while the other part of me thought, “If someone busts in here, I want to be able to see my surroundings so there will be no stumbling when I’m grabbing for the .45s.”

After we got home, Frank had to give the cats new water, give Rowdi a bone, take out the kitchen trash, and a number of other small items. Finally he said, “I missed my nagging wife while I was gone.” That’s what I was going for. ;-)

Oh! Frank brought me a long-sleeved shirt from Idaho. It says Idaho on it. It’s blue (a good color on me). Perfect size. I love it, and I love the fact that I’m going to actually need long sleeves soon! Of course, then he told me about the perfect shirt he saw for me at the airport that he couldn’t actually buy me, because it was only in kids’ sizes. It was brown (my favorite color) and said Idaho Princess on it (he has called me Princess from our first date). I was like, “Why’d you even *tell* me about that??”

I’ve promised Frank he can rest tomorrow before we hit the packing hard next week. We’ll see if I can stick by that.

3 Responses to got my Monkeyface back

  1. I just read this post to my husband to show him I’m not the only wife who “sleeps” with the lights on and the guns out when her husband is out of town. What a post…it sounds just like me.

  2. Glad to hear he made it home safe and sound.

    Y’all just make me smile. Really. You do.

    Thanks for that……

  3. welcome home Frank.
    You know… there’s some sort of gathering at Pereiraville tonight… I’m just saying! No pressure. :)