I love the things that bring people to my blog!

Go here and look at all the comments. I’ve been watching the argument from afar, amused, but I had nothing to add to the conversation, so I’ve just lurked (on my own blog, mind you). And the final authority found this blog (I don’t know how, but I would love to hear) and made a comment. I’m so fascinated!

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  1. maggie katzen

    seeing that comment cracked me up. I was telling RTO way back when that I couldn’t believe I was arguing with someone over that. anyhoo, I was a little sloppy with WQ summary…I’d read it in July and I couldn’t check the archives, cause I didn’t have the latest issue with the archive password in it. but please, it’s a journal from the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, not exactly where people go “bragging”. (unless they’re commies, according to RTO.)

  2. Can you really lurk on your own blog?

  3. I found this blog because Gigmasters.com shows me all links to my press kit with them. This blog links to it.

    This whole blog about that TV show has absolutely nothing to do with me. I never auditioned for it and had no desire to.

    I wish and respectfully request that the whole thread on that topic be removed because the misquote of the Wilson Quarterly article about me is damaging to me and resulted in that ugly exchange bashing me for saying something that I never said to the press.

    The subsequent bashing of the impersonator coventions and industry awards is very much out of line coming from someone who is not in the industry and clearly never attended one. If these conventions and awards are so meaningless, then why are they covered and attended by The New York Times, ABC News, CBS News, The Tonight Show, The Wilson Quarterly, Fox News, CNN, People Magazine, and other publications/news organizations from around the world? There are not a “handfull” of impersonators and agents in attendance. The last convention showcased over 150 impersonators and had over 50 agents and talent buyers in attendance, along with a lot of the general public who paid to watch the showcases.

    I also question this person’s “friends” in the look-alike industry who made those kinds of comments to her about the conventions, awards, and me in particular. I am only one of hundreds of impersonators, and don’t know why they would even care about me one way or the other or how I market myself. Clearly, they don’t know me at all, and maybe they “validate” themselves by putting others down. If they’re not attending the conventions and having agents see them perform, or agressively marketing themselves, then they only have themselves to blame if they’re not working enough. Don’t take it out on those of us who are.

  4. Lisa, I would delete the thread if it were one-sided, but maggie katzen has kinda been smacking down (with good, corroborated information) the person who was insulting you. I will update the previous thread and point people here to read your latest comment, but I generally do not delete posts. If you would like, I will remove the link to your press kit.

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