I feel like I have gained a whole day

We actually went and did something today. We went to KSC with wRitErsbLock and sherlock for the World Space Expo. We had a great time. The event tents were full of fun exhibits and giveaways (yay for giveaways!) and educational programs. I do love the educational programs at the Space Center.

Anyway, since we were actually out at the KSC, and because there were a million children and a thousand teenagers for much of the day (I was thinking, yay Friday, no crowds! I didn’t take field trips into consideration, ack!), making the Space Center semi-crowded, I was sure all day that this was Saturday.

At one point, we were walking through the shop at the Astronaut Hall of Fame (we finally went! For the first time ever!), and Frank asked the time. The other three of us grabbed for our cell phones (of course). And I said, “Ooh, hey! Tonight we get to set our clocks back!” Frank reminded me that today is Friday. After we got home this evening, I mentioned that we have church tomorrow morning; this time I actually caught myself and said, “Oh yeah, it’s Friday!” So now I feel like I’ve gained an entire Saturday! Not to mention the hour that we do get tomorrow night. Yay!

One Response to I feel like I have gained a whole day

  1. I also feel like we gained a day. But for me it started before that. We had RTY on Wednesday instead of Thursday night. And since I took a vaca day yesterday, clearly it was Saturday. And now it’s Saturday again!

    So glad youse guys joined us.