I woke up dreaming Thursday morning. The dream was actually something I think could make a good novel. With tweaks, of course. And since it is National Novel Writing Month, I decided to just start. I kinda have the plot laid out, but it will change, of course. It’s the most solid story I’ve had for a novel yet (which isn’t saying much).

Anyway, I started writing last night when we got home from Kennedy. I’m on Chapter 2. Chapter 1 really needs to be fleshed out some more, but it’s a first draft, so I’m going with it and plugging through. It will need major revisions when I’m done, but I’m too excited to get held back by that. I just want to get it down on paper now and revise later. I’m not brave enough to do the bit-by-bit story that Frank does or even to post good chapters here for you. Maybe once the whole thing is done, I’ll post it, but for now, it’s mine. All mine.

I’m so excited to be writing!

2 Responses to writing

  1. Weird: the other night around 3:00 a.m., I woke up with a song running through my head. It was a song I’ve never heard before. So I started to write it down (the words at least, because I can’t really write music, which is why I haven’t published any songs in the past). The problem was, in the dream or whatever it was, I couldn’t hear all the words. So now I have a chorus, a couple lines, and a sense of what the song is all about. I’ll finish it later. I think it was Chely Wright singing it in my head, but I wouldn’t mind if Reba or Martina McBride wanted to sing it, either. :)

  2. I’ll sing it.