i heart Publix

I went to Publix last night, and our Publix isn’t one of those Publix Greenwise stores, but they’ve added a ton of organic foods, gluten-free foods, natural meats, etc. I’ve been able to get natural bacon there for the last few months, and the Amy’s freezer meals (which I keep on hand for Frank in case I don’t feel like cooking or am not inspired to cook) are cheaper there than at our teeny Whole Foods (previously Wild Oats). Oooh, and last night, I found all beef natural franks! Which means I can eat a hot dog! I get headaches every time I have regular cured hot dogs, even beef ones (I assume from the nitrates/nitrites), and I’m trying to stay away from pork as much as possible.

Every time I go to Publix, I somehow end up walking down the vitamin aisle, which is also where they keep the “healthy” snack bars (healthy is in quotes because all of the ones Publix was carrying are very very bad for my body). Well, last night, I was walking by, out of habit, scanning the snack bars to see what they had. I actually didn’t even realize I was doing this until something jumped out at me. Larabars! At Publix! And they were four cents cheaper than on Amazon, twenty cents cheaper than the Whole Foods sale price, and forty cents cheaper than the non-sale price! I was so excited!

I will miss Publix.

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  1. That Whole Foods will expand. They’re trying to buy the Office Depot.
    Too bad your gonna miss it.

  2. That is too bad. I asked when I first found out Whole Foods had purchased Wild Oats if there were any plans to expand the store, and the girls there told me no, that they had the right size store for our small market.

    But they’re building one in Boise, too, so I won’t miss it that much. :)

  3. i love publix so much. i kinda think it’s sad that one of my favorite memories of my yearly visits to florida involves a supermarket (the others include the clearwater public library and the flea market – i am so weird), but you know what, i’m just gonna own it.

  4. Hot dogs: I don’t have your dietary problems but I long ago changed to buying Hebrew National hot dogs so I feel like I am really getting beef. I don’t care if it is true. I just like thinking it is.

  5. They’re not allowed to talk about it.
    It’s a secret.

  6. So it’s good to put it on my blog. :)

  7. sarahk Says:

    So it’s good to put it on my blog. :)

    hee hee.
    I don’t work there.
    I just date one of the employees.

  8. You have inside info!

  9. I know eevverything!