i need more Nerds

SARAHK: I need more Nerds.
(Frank gets up and goes to the kitchen.)
SARAHK: Don’t you think we need more Nerds?
FRANK J.: Do you know how to ask nicely?
SARAHK: Would you please get me some Nerds, sweetie?
FRANK J.: I’m not gonna ever want you pregnant if this is the way you are normally.

He loves me the best!

5 Responses to i need more Nerds

  1. no matter how many times i tell him it’s Nerds, my little boy always asks for Dorks!

  2. SarahK-I was just on BookCloseouts.com and ran across several Gluten-Free dessert cookbooks showing gorgeous chocolate cakes on the cover. Don’t know if you would be interested in anything like that, but all of their books are really cheap.
    The one I saw was Wheat Free Gluten Free Dessert Cookbook with a Choc. Layer Cake on the cover. I know if I went gluten free I would probably be absolutely out of my mind with Choc. Cake cravings. I don’t make any money from them, so I am not spamming you, but I thought I would share what I saw, since I have been keeping up with your gluten-free adventures.
    Take care,

  3. Hubby and I fight for Nerds in our house.

  4. When two bloggers procreate together, doesn’t that automatically increase the total supply of nerds? ;)

  5. Y’all are just TOO CUTE. I don’t know what to say.